UFC President Dana White spoke with reporters after the UFC on FUEL TV 5 event earlier this month and communicated that he would bring Strikeforce women’s champion Ronda Rousey to the UFC. However, in a recent interview with Sports Illustrated White said:

“It’s absolutely going to happen”

White sees Rousey as a budding superstar and he would be correct in that assessment. She has destroyed all of the competition she has faced up to this point in her young career. She is an Olympic medalist in the sport of Judo and is very good at building hype for her fights.

White went on to state that much of this is dependant upon the future of the Strikeforce promotion in which Rousey is the champion. She currently has three fights left on her contract:

“Nothing is immenient. She’s a Strikeforce champion not a UFC fighter. We still have three fights left for Strikeforce.”
We have covered the rumors that are swirling around the Strikforce promotion. In fact, they have canceled their past two shows and their broadcast deal with Showtime will come to an end in early 2013 unless an agreement is reached to extend or create a new deal going forward. If the Strikeforce promotion folds, it is believed that Rousey and the other fighters could immediately come to the UFC if that is something the UFC is interested in doing.
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