XFC to open men’s flyweight division

With the recent victory of 2012 open tryout winner Joby Sanchez and a large amount of interest from fighters across the country, the XFC has decided that in 2013 they will open up their own flyweight division inside of the promotion.

Sanchez told us on Pro MMA Now Radio that to make 135 pounds for his bantamweight division fight with Chris Dunn at XFC 20 he only had to cut four pounds. Dunn told us on fight day that he had cut nearly 22 pounds and was back to 155 pounds for the fight.

John Prisco had this to say about expanding to this division:

“The XFC Flyweight Division is going to be opening up with a stable full of 125ers. Going into 2013 with a full schedule, it’s the right time for us to do it. We’ve had countless fighters contact us about fighting for the XFC in the 125 pound weight class, many who are not happy with their homes in other promotions because they are not being properly promoted and just as many who are looking to make their debut on national television. With our Bantamweight Division coming into focus in the last couple years, we began to see some great fighters stepping up a weight class to fight for us.  Now, with the signing of Joby Sanchez and the interest from other fighters around the world, we’ve got a solid platform to build on. Letting Joby and others make a 10 pound cut to 125 versus fighting a Bantamweight who makes the cut to 135 and steps into the cage 20 pounds heavier the next day, will allow the smaller guys to fight people who are naturally closer to the same weight they are.”

Prisco added they will begin to showcase the flyweight division with their first event of 2013.

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