Show 157 kicks off with the alarms sounding, and it feels like a Tornado is getting ready to touch down in the shop. I hope you guys are ready for this. Tecia “The Tiny Tornado” Torres is opening things up, and you know how much we love to talk WMMA! Tecia is set to make her Pro MMA Debut at Invicta FC 3, October 6 in Kansas City. She is set to take on Kaiyana Rain who is also making her pro-debut. At only 22 years old Tecia is one fighter to keep your eye on. Tecia started her Martial arts career with Karate and continued until recieiving her black belt. Did I mention she had 7 amateur MMA fights and 20 amateur Muay Thai fights. This might be her pro debut but she is far from a rookie. We will talk to her about what lead her into the sport of mma and how she even got fighting to begin with. It has to be a pretty amazing feeling to know that for a WMMA debut she’s fighting for the biggest womens organization out there, and you know we have to talk that. Get ready for a storm, because The Tiny Tornado is here. Follow Tecia on twitter @TeciaTorres


Stepping into the cage might be one of the hardest things for anyone to do in their life, but overcoming PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder caused by war is something no one should have to battle and overcome. Our next guest Todd Vance did just that and is helping others to do the same. Todd has a very interesting story and one that involves a lot of Martial Arts. Todd took his first Muay Thai fight at just 16 years old in the Southern Cal area and amassed an amateur record of 11-1. Todd joined the army shortly after High School and ended up joining the Boxing team and even became a combative instructor. He led a squad in Iraq on more then 300 missions, the dude is a real life G.I. Joe. To combat his PTSD Todd took to MMA. Did I mention the man’s life is what the movie Dear John is based off of? Well we will have plenty to talk to Todd about from his time in the service, using MMA to overcome a very tough condition, and of course how he is helping others do the same. Todd before we have you on, thank you for service brother, and I can’t wait for Sunday.


It was not very long ago that we had Shah Bobonis on to announce that he was going to be scrapping for the XFC. Well guess what it all goes down next Friday September 28 and I can’t wait! Not only is Shah riding a 5 fight win streak into this fight, but the man is 8-2 in his last ten fights. Inside the cage Shah floats like a butterfly, with the mouth of Ali. Dude has no problem letting everyone know his thoughts on his fellow fighters and his thoughts on the sport. Shah will be taking on undefeated prospect Cornelius Godfrey, and has made it no secret he plans on making the night his night and giving the young prospect his first loss. We will talk to Shah about what it means to get a multi-fight deal with the XFC, his thoughts on his opponent and the match up, as well as how long he wants to wait for a title shot inside the XFC. I know we’re ready, Shah’s been ready, the question is are you ready? Follow Shah on twitter @ShahBobonis

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