The Ultimate Fighter 16 episode 2 recap: Team Carwin strikes first

Episode two starts with the victorious fighters being introduced to the TUF house, and for some, it admittedly provides some of the best living conditions they have seen in some time. A glittering Harley-Davidson greets the new guests and serves to remind the fighters of another bonus prize that is on the line in addition to winning the contract.

The tension starts early as Matt Secor starts in about the color of Julian Lane’s hair. Lane fires back, and the two provide the first dispute of the current season. As the only two Canadians in the house, Mike Ricci and Michael Hill form an immediate alliance as they discuss their strategies to advance in the competition.

At the training center, Coach Carwin prepares for his team’s first training session and admits that he felt nerves when he found out that he would be coaching a group of fighters trying to reach the UFC. With an all-star cast of assistant coaches and a stacked team of talent, Carwin feels that any one of his guys can become The Ultimate Fighter.

As far as Team Nelson goes, Coach Nelson explains that he wasn’t expecting the call to be a coach on the show. Some of the guys admit they feel that the first training session is far from organized and express some disappointment that live sparring sin’t being included in the practice.

After the practices, the teams assemble for the first fight announcement. Coach Nelson immediately calls out Neil Magny from Team Carwin to face off against his jiu jitsu ace, Cameron Diffley.

Nelson believes that Magny’s difficulty on the ground in his elimination bout spells success for Diffley. Some of the Team Carwin fighters disagree, feeling that Magny has the decided advantage on the feet and could win with his hands and eliminate one of the better fighters from Team Nelson.

The beef between Lane and Secor continues back at the house as Lane calls out Secor for his poor performance in the elimination round. The two get into a heated, expletive-laced verbal battle in the kitchen, and just like that, the first major altercation is in the books.

The fight announcement is still a surprise the following day as Team Carwin discusses the unexpected pick. The talk quickly turns to Nelson’s appearance and even his training is questioned as the team continues to prepare Magny for his fight.

Neil Magny explains that his path toward trouble started early, but an enlistment in the Army turned everything around for him. Magny’s coaches praise his long, straight jab, and believe that his high level of activity and lengthy range will make the difference in his bout with Diffley.

Back at the house, Julian Lane is again the center of attention as he plans the season’s first prank. Colton Smith is his partner in crime as they plan to execute a perfectly timed cascading shower of flour above one of the doors. With the flour in place, all that is left is for Team Carwin to arrive back at the house.

Mike Ricci is the first through the door and the flour prank works to perfection. Ricci stays calm after receiving a fried-chicken worthy dose of flour and manages to crack a smile as he pours the remaining flour on the Team Nelson fighters that are lounging on the sofa.

Cameron Diffley breaks down his path from coach to fighter along his journey to TUF 16. The gameplan for Diffley is to negate the stand up of Magny and to get the fight to the ground where the jiu-jitsu ace can work his dangerous submission game.

Each guy takes their time to express what they expect from the other, and with that, it’s fight time.

Team Carwin – Neil Magny vs. Team Nelson – Cameron Diffley

Round 1 – Touch of gloves. Magny pumps his jab to start. Lots of feints from Magny as he looks to maintain distance. He lands a kick then goes right back to the jab. Magny scores with a short right hand. Diffley with a jab of his own. Lead right hand from Magny. Diffley leans in but isn’t even close to getting control of the body of Magny. Big lead right hand from Magny. He scores again and Diffley clinches and pulls guard. Magny is having none of that. Back to the feet. Magny is picking him apart with that lead right. Jab. Again. Diffley goes upstairs with a kick. Not even close. Winging right hand from Diffley misses. He changes levels and shoots, putting Magny on the cage. This could change the tone of the fight. Magny pushes off and circles out. He’s using his footwork now as he’s getting loose with his hands. Diffley kick. Diffley extends his jab then shoots and secures a takedown. Magny scrambles but Diffley has a leg. Magny is trying to free his leg but he’s in trouble. Diffley working on the heel hook. His corner is yelling for a transition to the knee bar. Diffley works, then gives up on the heel hook and ends up in the full guard of Magny. Magny with an upkick. Diffley dives into his full guard again. Short elbows from Magny. He’s staying busy from his back. Less than 20 seconds to go. That round goes to Magny.

Round 2 – Double jab Magny. Leg kick Magny. Nice three-punch combo from Magny. Diffley ducks in and clinches. They hit the ground and Magny is on top. Magny stands up and steps away, then steps back in to score with a right hand. He’s winning the stand up easily as expected. Right hand, left hook by Magny. Jab-leg kick combo from Magny. Another kick from Diffley misses. Huge jab down the middle from Magny. It snaps the head of Diffley straight back. Diffley’s corner is screaming for a double leg attempt. One, two jabs. Right hand Magny. He’s picking Diffley apart. His jab has been hugely effective. Two minutes to go. Diffley fakes a shot and gets tagged with a right hand. Magny circles out, then again steps in to score with a right hand. Diffley shoots at the feet of Magny, then pulls guard but Magny is free. Diffley manages to drag Magny to the mat with a minute to go. Magny now on top and in the half guard of Diffley. He just needs to survive. Back to the feet. That may have sealed it for Magny. Diffley scores with a knee up the middle. Another big jab. Nice four-punch combo from Magny. With that effort, he should advance.

The scores are in and it is scored 20-18 for Team Carwin’s Neil Magny. With the win, Team Carwin strikes first and takes a 1-0 lead in the competition.

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