Saturday, September 15th in Gdansk, Poland, KSW held their 20th annual event. KSW owners, Martin Lewandowski and Maciej Kawulski, introduced the first ever PPV system for Polish fans with six action packed fights.

In the very first fight my former teammate, Anzor Azhiev (3-0 MMA) defeated Scottish fighter, Paul Reed (19-10). Chechen born fighter dominated his rival with superior wrestling and a nice ground game. It was Anzor’s second fight with the KSW organization but is still only 21 years old and has a bright future ahead of him.

The second fight was another freak fight between former soccer player, Jacek Wisniewski (0-1) and Kamil ‘Amstaf’ Walus (3-1). That fight was some slug fest as Wisniewski was nervous and after four minutes he was dropped by a Walus combination. He then he tried to stand up, but Walus secured position and landed some punches with the referee stopped the fight a little too early for Wisniewski who was angry with the stoppage.

The third fight was highly anticipated KSW welterweight title eliminator between Borys Mankowski (13-4) and Rafal Moks (6-6). A duel between friends ends up with Mankowski getting the  win. The Poznan native fighter dominated his Szczecin’s colleague with flying knees, low kicks, and punches. The fighters went to the ground a little, but Borys did not risk  much as Moks is known for his leg locks.

Then we focused on the heavyweight division. ADCC vet and KSW heavyweight champion, Karol ‘Coco’ Bedorf (8-2) had some troubles in the first round with American, Karl Knothe (20-9). Knothe was a slugger with some wrestling skills but that was all he had to offer. He gave Bedorf trouble for a short moment initially, then the Szczecin’s fighter dominated the the remainder of the fight. Karol showed some ground game, but Knoth was able to survive on the ground.

As Jerome Le Banner was forced to pull out from KSW 20, Plock’s native Marcin Rozalski (3-2) was set to fight Rodney Glunder (25-20). Rozalski took took Rodney down and was more aggressive in the clinch. That’s where the fight took place most of the time but did go to the ground a few times.

In the main event, KSW light heavyweight champion Jan Blachowicz (16-3) got another step closer to the UFC by defeating UFC vet Houston Alexander (13-9). Pole, who was close to fighting at UFC in Sweden event, dominated the wrestling and ground game, which h has always posed problems for Alexander. He locked in two triangle chokes in two of the rounds with the bell saving Alexander on both occasions. Jan won by unanimous decision and is still the KSW light heavyweight champion.

The last fight was Christos Piliafas (4-2) vs. Mariusz Pudzianowski (5-2). The former five time “World’s Strongest Man” quickly took Piliafas down, but had to escape from a guillotine choke attempt. The referee then stood the fighters up. ‘Pudzian’ once again took Piliafas down and worked with punches from mount until the referee stopped the fight.

After the event the KSW promotion announced that they had signed Olympic Judo gold medalist Pawel Nastula. He will probably debut in 2013 against Pudzianowski.

The KSW 20 results are below:

  •  155 lbs: Anzor Azhiev defeated Paul Reed by unanimous decision
  • 265 lbs: Kamil Walus defeated Jacek Wisniewski by TKO (strikes) in the very first round (4:01)
  • 170 lbs: Borys Mankowski defeated Rafal Moks by split decision
  • 265 lbs: Karol Bedorf defeated Karl Knoth by unanimous decision
  • 265 lbs: Marcin Rozalski defeated Rodney Glunder by unaminous decision

KSW 205 lbs title fight:

  • 205 lbs: Jan Blachowicz defeated Houston Alexander by unanimous decision

Main Event:

  • Mariusz Pudzianowski defeated Christos Piliafas by TKO (strikes) in the first round (3:48)
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