BAMMA 10 definitely provided MMA fans with a great night of fights. The event featured a headline bout between current lightweight champion Rob Sinclair and challenger Andre Winner, who went the full five rounds in a back and forth stand-up war. Sinclair ended up winning the fight via decision, after beating winner to the punch and not allowing him to get comfortable with his striking. Also, In the co-main event Jack Marshman put in a good performance, defeating Andrew Punshon via triangle submission in the first round.

The event took place on Saturday (Sept. 15) at London’s Wembley Arena and aired LIVE on AXS TV (formerly HDnet) in the US, The Fight Network in Canada,Esporta in Brazil, Red Media in Russia, Setanta in Africa and TDN in Latin America. U.K. fans were able to tune-in on the 5* channel, with highlights aired on channel 5.

Andre Winner vs. Rob Sinclair

The first round began with some back and forth hesitant striking, then Sinclair found an opening and pressed Winner against the cage with a clinch. Winner reversed and managed to break free, then both men began exchanging punches. Sinclair landed a low blow causing a small break in action. The fighters returned to their positions and Sinclair scored a take-down. Both men got back to their feet, then Winner landed a strong punch before the round came to an end.

Sinclair opened up the second round with some nice body kicks and strikes. The men briefly grappled against the cage before separating, then Winner landed some knees from the clinch. Sinclair continually pressured with his striking, not allowing Winner to find his rhythm until the end of the round where he landed a few strikes.

Sinclair started by pressing Winner against the cage, then took Winner down to the ground. Both men quickly returned to their feet. Winner managed to catch Sinclair with a knee as he was coming in, then followed up with some nice striking. Both men went back and forth with each other exchanging strikes. Sinclair landed a nice uppercut and some stiff punches as the stand-up continued until the end of the round.

The fourth round picked up where the third round left off, as both men continued to trade strikes. Sinclair managed to press Winner against the cage a couple of times, before returning to an exchange of punches. Winner managed to score a take-down, but Sinclair swiftly returned to his feet. The latter half of the round was where Winner managed to out-strike Sinclair, but the champion still kept coming forward.

The fifth round began with both fighters searching for an opening, Sinclair looked the slower of the two fighters but still in the battle. Sinclair pushed forward going for the clinch, landing some strong knees and punches, with Winner looking for an opportunity to finish the fight. The men continued to engage in a back and forth exchange of strikes, before Winner scored a knock-down followed by some hard blows. The round came an end before Winner could do any further damage.

Rob Sinclair def. Andre Winner via Split Decision (47-48, 49-46, 48-47)

Andrew Punshon vs. Jack Marshman

The fight begins and Punshon scores and early take-down. He began to land strikes from the guard position, fended off Marshman’s reversal attempt, then moved into side control. Marshman moved into guard and attempted a triangle submission, but Punshon managed to gain control and begin landing strikes. Marshman attempted the triangle again and managed to lock it in, Punshon was left with no option but to tap-out.

Jack Marshman def. Andrew Punshon via Triangle (Rnd 1, 2:31)

Denniston Sutherland vs. Leeroy Barnes

The first round begins and Barnes lands some nice strikes and knees, before pressing Sutherland up against the cage. Sutherland reverses and the two men grapple against the fence, then Sutherland connects with some powerful knees. Both men continue to battle for position against the cage, then Barnes slams Sutherland to the ground. They come back up and Sutherland lands some more knees before taking Barnes down. Sutherland moves into half-guard, then they end up back on their feet. They exchange strikes briefly, then begin to grapple against the cage once more. Both men tumble to the ground and Barnes manages to take side control before the round comes to a close.

Sutherland starts the second round by getting Barnes up against the cage, he takes Barnes to the ground and begins to throw some strikes. Both men stand up against the cage, then Barnes slams Sutherland to the canvas. Barnes moves into full-mount and throws some strikes before attempting a guillotine choke. Sutherland pulls out and moves into half-guard, where he begins to land some punches. He moves to Barnes’ back and continues to throw punches before moving into full-mount. Sutherland takes his back and lands some heavy blows. The round ends.

The third round begins with a back and forth exchange of punches, before Sutherland presses Barnes against the cage. Sutherland lands some heavy punches and knees while working Barnes against the fence. The men separate and begin to exchange, then Sutherland lands an elbow that stuns Barnes. He recovers and they trade leather before Barnes gets a take-down. Both men grapple against the cage, then Sutherland gets his own take-down and moves into side control. The fight ends.

Denniston Sutherland def. Leeroy Barnes via Unanimous Decision (30-27)

Here are the BAMMA 10 full results:

  • Rob Sinclair def. Andre Winner via Split Decision (47-48, 49-46, 48-47)
  • Jack Marshman def. Andrew Punshon via Triangle (Rnd 1, 2:31)
  • Denniston Sutherland def. Leeroy Barnes via Unanimous Decision (30-27)
  • Curt Warburton def. Lee Wieczorek via Unanimous Decision (30-27)
  • Tom Breese def. Jack Magee via Triangle (Rnd 1, 3:19)
  • Tommy Maguire def. Antanas Jazbutis via Unanimous Decision (30-27)
  • Jeremy Petley def. Dyson Roberts via Rear-Naked Choke (Rnd 2, 4:45)
  • Sam Mensah def. Mike “Nightmare” Neun via KO (Rnd 1, 0:08)
  • Max Nunes def. Tony Moran via Triangle (Rnd 1, 2:58)
  • Marc Allen def. Lee Taylor via Split Decision (29-28, 29-28, 28-29)

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