Introducing the Monthly MMA Awards ( wants to hear from you, the mixed martial arts fan. We want you to tell us those fighters who impress you most. Whenever a fighter scores an amazing knockout that stands out in your mind as something extra-special, we want you tell us about it.

Whenever there is a guy like Jeff Rexroad, who is getting picked apart but comes back and submits his opponent with a sick modified triangle choke, we want you to tell us about it.

And whenever there is a fight that might go the distance, but both guys (or gals) just slugged it out, laid it all on the line and left it all in the cage, we want you to let us know just how awesome it was!

Each month here at ( we are going to start recognizing those fighters who have stood out, who have separated themselves from the pack with memorable performances inside the cage.

In the past we have had our traditional year-end awards where we have recognized the “submission of the year”, “fight of the year” and so on. However, there are so many fights nowadays and there are so many GREAT performances nowadays — as the sport continues to evolve and the fighters continue to improve — I have realized recognizing these standout performances and fighters just once a year, is not nearly enough.

So to remedy this, ( will begin, starting with this month — September, recognizing MMA’s most impressive submissions, knockouts and fights on a monthly basis.


You, our readers, are going to play an integral part to the Monthly MMA Awards. If you are watching a fight like Jeff Rexroad vs. Lucas Pimenta at Legacy Fighting Championship 14 and you see Jeff finish that fight with some crazy modified triangle you have never seen before — and you realize it as something extra-special, then you should immediately submit it as your pick for one of the best submissions for September 2012 on our Awards page.

Then do the same thing whenever you witness an awesome knockout or a spectacular fight that you feel deserves the recognition. Then at the end of each month we will announce the top results for each category. This process is also going to make it much easier for us come the end of the year when we publish our traditional year-end awards.

This whole process is going to give you the fans much more of an opportunity to be involved. As much as we would like to here at (, we can not watch every single MMA fight around the world. You might see a guy making his pro debut in Stary Oskol, Russia, and he wins the fight with a backflip head kick knockout that we would never have known about if you hadn’t told us (Note: You will need some proof of your claims!).

So what is the best KO you’ve seen this month so far? What about the best fight? Best submission? Tell us about it on the ( Awards page.

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