UFC President Dana White was making the media rounds today and took time to speak with Jim Rome about the Jon Jones UFC 151 situation. Rome asked White about a statement Jones had made during an interview with Ariel Helwani last week in which he said the whole thing had made him feel like a “piece of meat”.

Rome asked White how it felt to hear one of his champions say he felt a “piece of meat”.

White replied:

“I wonder how the piece of meat was feeling when we bought him the Bentley? I don’t know. That statement right there drives me insane. A year-and-a-half ago nobody knew who Jon Jones was. Now the kid’s a multi-millionaire, he’s got this, that… a piece of meat? Let me tell you what, I know some people who are in some jobs that feel like a piece of meat. Jon Jones is far from being one of them.”

One of Rome’s listeners called in during the show who happens to be a low level MMA fighter. He seemed offended by Jones’ attitude and said he fought on a card not long ago in which he was paid a whopping $50. He made the point, “If Jones is a piece of meat, he’s Kobe beef and I’m bologna.”


By Jack Bratcher


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  1. Dana White is acting like the little bitch that he is, Dan Henderson is one who really ****ed him by delaying his injury report by 1 or 2 weeks, Ive lost alot respect for Mr. White://

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