Independent MMA Link Club: Arianny the pop star, cities deserving of a UFC event, Anderson Silva vs. GSP

Welcome to this week’s Independent MMA Link Club. Our friends from around the world and around the web have been working hard to bring you the goods. We’ve got a list of U.S. cities that deserve a UFC event, results from China’s RUFF 5 show, and Arianny ‘s new single — yes, she sings! Also, boxing legend Freddie Roach weighs in on Anderson Silva vs. GSP, Bellator’s tournament format is analyzed, Derrick Kennington blogs about his upcoming fight at Bellator 74, and more!

  • Destination Overlooked: Key U.S. Cities Deserving of a UFC Event [The MMA Corner]
  • RUFF 5 Results: Rodrigo Carporal KO’s Wu Haotian [The Fight Nation]
  • Gamma Labs offering “Real Life” First Person Shooter Experience [MMA Valor]
  • Arianny Celeste Drops New Single Somehow Worse than Last One [The Fight Nerd]
  • Freddie Roach says Anderson is too big for GSP [Fight Hub TV]
  • Ask MMARecap: Will Bellator’s format be their Downfall? [MMA Recap]
  • EFC Africa 16: Jadyson Costa warns that Opperman has no hope of taking away his title [The MMA Review]
  • The Derrick Kennington Experiment: The Road to Bellator 74 [Pro MMA Now]
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