Video: Dana White talks Jon Jones, Roy Nelson, instant replay

UFC President Dana White was a guest on Inside MMA’s 5th Anniversary Show Monday night with Bas and Kenny and he touched on several topics including his relationship with Jon Jones, “The Ultimate Fighter Fridays” coach Roy Nelson, and his thoughts on instant replay in MMA.

–on Jon Jones–

White admits to being emotional. Still blames Greg Jackson. Will see Jones in a few days at UFC 152 and talk.

–on Roy Nelson–

White says he and Roy don’t get along very well, but he was the coach for TUF and they let him do his thing. Interestingly enough White seemed much more excited for TUF – The Smashes.

–on instant replay–

We all know White’s issues with referees and judges in MMA and makes a good case on why instant replay is needed. He also says if they had instant replay Jon Jones would still be undefeated right now.

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