The Derrick Kennington Experiment: ‘All I want to do is train’

Sitting here at home on my rest day.  It’s Sunday and all I want to do is TRAIN! I have been busting my butt this past week since I took off work, training 2-3 times a day.  I usually train that many times a day but it is back-to-back training sessions with no break.

With me taking off work it gives my body some much needed rest to recover.  I find myself sitting at home today just wanting to go go go.  I can only imagine what I will want to do come fight night.  My body is holding up to the daily grind like a boss….lol.

This week I had some extra motivation.  My good friend and fighter from South Carolina Ferdinando Acerra, who is making his pro debut Oct 12th at Shaw AFB for Fight Lab, came up to train with us at Pellegrino Martial Arts.

My goal was to make sure he was tired and worn out by the end of the week.  I called Fred on his way home back to South Carolina to see where he was at. He said he had a blast and “dude, you got me tired”.  Haha, So I guess I succeeded in my Fred and I  went up to Marcelo Garcia’s gym in New York City with Kurt Pellegrino on Wednesday.

It was a blast and always is.  We were doing matches with several different individuals that if you get swept, submitted, or your guard passed you go to the back of the line.  Well on the first go I was paired with one of Marcelo’s black belts.  I was doing ok, then got my guard passed. Then the next two goes I was paired up with Marcelo…lol.. My guard was dissected and passed in no time on both goes.. Good experience though.

I advertise a lot on Facebook about finding sponsors.  I don’t want my friends or anyone to get the wrong idea.  I am not looking for handouts.  Me fighting in Bellator is a opportunity for businesses big or small to advertise their product (and benefit from it) through me fighting in a large organization.

I don’t think people understand the amount of time and money that goes into fighting.  I think through all my training, traveling, buying food for my fight diet, supplements, and equipment, that I will probably lose money in the  I don’t fight for the fame or the money.  I do it because I was born into a family of fighters (truth), and really believe that it’s in my blood.

Fighting on a professional level has changed my life in so many ways, hell just training has changed my life, but that’s another story. So if you are my friend or fan on Facebook and I advertise that I am still looking for sponsors, please do not think I am begging.  I am simply putting out there the opportunity to make some extra money by advertising for someone’s business or company.  Bellator doesn’t charge all the fees that the UFC does just to be on TV, so it is an awesome opportunity for smaller businesses.

All I can say is that this camp has been going pretty good for the most part.  No injuries, I’m healthy, feel great, and ready to GO!

Again I have to think all my sponsors like Future Legend Clothing, Dead Serious Fight Gear, Jersey Pump protein energy drink, Stract International, The Alpha-Omega Agency LLC, Klench Kustom Mouthguards, EPO Boost/Endurafuel, E Street Bagels, and Team Time Bomb. Also go and support Clifton R Lewis Good Life Foundation, they are helping me and they help make dreams come true to help families with Muscular Dystrophy. I’m still looking for a few more sponsors, so if interested email me at Lastly don’t forget to follow me on twitter @derrickakadk.

You can read Derrick’s blog from last week right here.

The Derrick Kennington Experiment” is an ongoing blog series written by a former South Carolina standout Derrick “DK” Kennington that has relocated to train with UFC veteran Kurt Pellegrino in New Jersey. Kennington will make his second appearance for Bellator Fighting Championships at Bellator 74 on September 28th. “The Derrick Kennington Experiment” is part of our ongoing series of exclusive content written by individuals involved in the mixed martial arts industry.