Fisttacuff Radio Show 155: Watson, Castro, Martinez, and ‘Goze’

It’s show 155 and we’re back, but this week the line-up has not a single fighter in it. What it does have is a list of who’s who in MMA, when it comes to keeping fighters on track, in the gym, and on the air waves. All I can say is I hope you are ready, because I know our guests are, and so are the two of us in the shop!


Have you ever stopped and wondered how UFC fighters stay on track? I mean yeah they have coaches and trainers, but who runs the show? Well it’s our first guest, that’s who. Burt Watson is back on the show and ready. Burt is the UFC’s biggest hypeman and the man who tells every fighter “It’s Time to Roll, Baby!” Burt is not only in charge of making sure that fighters and their camps are picked up from the airport, he makes sure they are good from the hotel to the venue and every step in between until they hit the cage (and you thought you had a tough job). We will talk to Burt about his recent time working in the UFC, his past and how he got to where he is today, and so much more. Burt is not only a great interview but the man doesn’t ever lose the hype! If you have ever wanted to know how the UFC runs behind the black curtain, there is not a better person to hear it from. Phone lines will be open for Burt his whole half hour, and you know Burt is always ready to ride with his Buffalo Soldiers!


George Castro is a man who is long overdue as a guest inside the barber shop. If you don’t know anything about George you are in store for an awesome story. Let’s just say that his MMA career started after meeting Don Frye, and he trained with the man for over 6 years. George has done it all from holding a Heavyweight belt, to stopping MMA to become a Pro Wrestler. Let me just say the man didn’t do backyard shows, he was part of the roster for New Japan Pro Wrestling (Basically the WWE of Japan). An injury brought that ride to an abrupt stop, which could be looked at as a blessing because it brought George back to MMA. George is now more focused on being a coach, representing his clients to the fullest, and making sure that he takes care of everyone he calls family! George is a monster and a guy I would hate to have get his hands on me. We will talk to George about the move from Tuscon to San Diego, CA to help out at Alliance MMA and his story. I can’t wait for you listeners to hear some of the stories that George has. I even heard he once wore full sparring gear to watch a UFC with Joe Duarte. If that doesn’t make you want to listen, I don’t think anything will. Follow George on twitter @GeorgeCastroMMA


Okay so it’s time to bring it back to Vegas with a man known for his skills with his hands and the footwork he teaches on the mat. Gil Martinez is back and you know the “Master Mitter” is nothing but family here at the shop. It’s been a while since Gil was a guest and we are happy to have him back. Gil has worked with so many guys in the sport, you would have to consider him one of the best at what he does. From Gray Maynard, Randy Couture, and even Ulysses Gomez. We will talk with Gil about where he is at now, if he’s working on his Jits game with Drysdale, and what his focus is now. Gil runs a boxing gym here in Vegas as well as still coaching some of the best in the game of MMA. Gil has plenty of stories and more knowledge then half the population when it comes to standing and throwing FIST-ta-CUFFS. You know we will talk a little technique and even some drills that would be helpful to you listeners that train, we will of course talk who he is working with, and which of his guys you should keep an eye on, Gil even has some ladies that shouldn’t fly under the radar. Get over to twitter and hit the follow button on @Mastermitter so you can follow our man Gil.


If you didn’t know, we are huge Junkies; I think everyone involved in this show is a Junkie. NOOOOO, I don’t mean that kind of Junkie I mean an MMAJunkie. That being said it’s only right that we finally bring on the master of Goze-Jitsu, The Goze. So Goze is half of the duo that runs MMA Junkie Radio, and trains like a mad man in Goze-Jitsu. I can’t wait to have Goze for thirty minutes, I mean what would you do with Goze if you had him for that long.. Wait never mind. We will of course talk how his brother and him started MMA Junkie Radio, some of his most memorable moments through 1,000 plus shows. Dealing with crazy Junkies and where and when he thinks this crazy road will lead. We will talk to Goze about the current state of MMA, his favorite fights, and much more. If you Junkies or Fist-heads have questions for the legend you better get them in early cause this is thirty minutes I know is going to fly by. You all better be following Goze on twitter @TheGoze.

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