The argument for depth in women’s MMA was not bolstered one iota when 61-year-old Sue Hemenway climbed into the cage against 20-something Shelly Hartwell at Michigan Battle League at the Riviera Theatre in Three Rivers, Mich. over the weekend.

This wasn’t a longtime veteran of the cage in the twilight of her career like the female equivalent of a Dan Severn. This was a 61-year-old woman making her MMA debut!

To her credit, the 5’4″ 115-pound Hemenway came out ready to go toe-to-toe. But Hartwell obviously respects her elders and promptly double-legged granny to the canvas where she tapped her out in a matter of seconds.

Interestingly enough, the Michigan Battle League’s Facebook page reads:

“Professionalism” Thats what we thrive to bring. Not just to our fighters, but to the fans as well. Our shows will set us apart from the others purely on that word. “Professionalism”

Well, if the professionalism doesn’t set them apart, Granny MMA surely will! See for yourself…

What do you think readers, is this promotion (and athletic commission) crazy for letting this take place or should they be applauded for not discriminating against the elderly?

Matches like this hark back to the days when the freak show fights were some of the most eagerly-anticipated fixtures of the season. Starting life in Japan, the freak fights pitted against each other opponents of wildly mismatched weight or skill level. These matches are something of a guilty pleasure for most MMA fans, but for keen sports bettors they can also represent the opportunity to win big money. Freak fights can give some of the best gambling odds, because it only takes a small bet on the obvious underdog to make a tidy profit when the favourite unexpectedly falls.

Of course, the actual odds of winning aren’t so great, but it’s always worth a shot when there’s a serious mismatch. After all, anything can happen in MMA, and a fighter’s on-paper credentials often don’t match what goes down in the ring. There have been many upsets in MMA history, where the newcomer takes down the champion in shocking style. Sadly for Hemenway, it was not to be on this occasion. Freak show fans breathed a sigh of disappointment, although it would have been the biggest upset in history if the granny had managed to get the best of her 20-year-old opponent.

If you’re a serious bettor looking for the best odds, it’s a good idea to shop around and open a few accounts with different sports books, so you can maximize any profits. When thinking about what are the best odds, savvy MMA fans know that it’s always a good idea to bet on the underdog.

Small bets can turn into big wins, and analyses have shown that the so-called underdog comes out on top around 35% of the time. Not too shabby, especially compared to other sports. In the Hemenway-Hartwell fight, the bookies were victorious, but that shouldn’t stop you from taking a punt against the favourite in the future.

5 thoughts on “61-year-old granny loses MMA debut”
  1. This promotion , like many in the regional game, are just trying to make fights. Michigan is the wild wild west and if you don’t know, ask the ABC. They advocate not using Michigan amateurs due to unreliable sanctioning. BOO for these people. Sad

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