KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Titan Fighting Championship 24 takes place this evening at Memorial Hall in Kansas City and features the light heavyweight debut of longtime welterweight Anthony “Rumble” Johnson in the main event against Esteves Jones. The co-main event features the highly anticipated MMA debut of World Jiu-Jitsu Champion Braulio Estima in a welterweight clash with Chris “The Hammer” Holland.

The action will air LIVE on AXS TV at 10 p.m. ET/PT. ProMMAnow.com (www.prommanow.com) will provide LIVE results and play-by-play commentary throughout the event.

Titan FC 24 quick results:

MAIN CARD (AXS TV – 10 p.m. ET/PT)

  • Anthony Johnson def. Esteves Jones by TKO (strikes) Rd 2 (0:51)
  • Braulio Estima def. Chris Holland by technical submission (arm triangle) Rd 1 (3:41)
  • Cody Gibson def. Andrew Whitney by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-27, 30-27)
  • Brian Davidson def. John Devall by submission (strikes) Rd 1 (3:27)
  • Matt Foster def. Matt Uhde by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
  • Adam Stickley def. Jose Vega by submission (triangle choke) Rd 1 (3:20)
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Titan FC 24 play-by-play:

Jose Vega vs. Adam Stickley

Round 1 – Stickley with a jab and kick to start. Vega comes back with a right hand. Stickley staying busy with kicks early. Upstairs by Stickley. Vegas steps in with a nice counter right hand that connects. Vega jabs and changes levels going for a double leg takedown. He doesn’t get it initially but transitions to the trip and takes the fight to the mat. Vega in the guard now looking to control Stickley on the mat. Stickley looking to wall walk but gets pulled off the cage. Not much offense from Vega from the top as he fights to maintain top control. He sneaks in a couple of short left hands. Stickley staying busy on his back. Vega finally passes and moves to side control. Stickley kicks off the cage and moves straight to the triangle attempt. It looks tight. It’s over. Vega taps.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Adam Stickley def. Jose Vega by submission (triangle choke) Rd 1 (3:20)

Matt Uhde vs. Matt Foster

Round 1 – Uhde comes forward to start and gets taken down right out of the gate. Foster on top with Uhde against the cage. Foster passes the guard of Uhde for a second, but Uhde quickly retains guard. Uhde scrambles out, grabs a leg and lands in sidemount. Uhde with short right hands and short elbows.
Uhde moves to full mount. Foster is struggling to control the posture of his opponent. Uhde gets too high and gets swept and is now on his back once again. Uhde looking for a triangle but Foster pulls free. Foster to side control. Uhde is working to get a knee back in to retain guard and does. The referee is calling for action. Uhde scrambles and both men get to their feet. Big kick from Foster after the break. Uhde clinches and gets a throw but loses control on the mat and ends up on his back once again. Less than a minute to go. Uhde reverses and is looking to take the back of Foster. He gets a hook in but he’s really high. Foster shakes him off and they return to their feet. Uhde gets another late takedown right before the bell. Close round. PMN scores it for Uhde.

Round 2 – Foster with a leg kick to start. Uhde to the clinch. He looks for the takedown but loses in the battle. Foster is back on top now landing short, grinding elbows. More elbows from Foster. Foster in side control now looking to isolate an arm. After a stall in the action the referee stands them up. Foster with another takedown. Foster is on the back of Uhde and landing right hands. Uhde gets to his feet but again gets taken back down. Foster in side control, now north-south. He has a choke locked up but Uhde doesn’t look to be in immediate danger as the clock winds down. End of round. PMN scores the 2nd round for Foster.

Round 3 – Foster with a monster overhand right. Foster on top moving to north-south. Uhde gets back to his feet and lands a short flurry. Back to the clinch. Uhde lands a big knee up the middle. Foster with another takedown. Foster landing to the body while Uhde throws from the bottom. After another stall in the action, the ref stands them back up. Uhde looks exhausted but throws everything he has. Foster comes back with a big knee and a big right hand. Late flurry for Uhde as Foster drops his hands and leans into the punches at the bell. PMN scores the last round for Foster, and the fight overall to him as well, 29-28.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Matt Foster def. Matt Uhde by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Andrew Whitney vs. Cody Gibson

Round 1 – This one should be explosive. Here we go. No touch of gloves. Gibson has the reach advantage but must be cautious. Gibson circling early, jab from Gibson. Gibson catches the knee and puts Whitney on the cage. Whitney fights off the initial takedown attempt but is still on the cage. Knee Gibson. Gibson works to double underhooks but so far can’t get the fight to the mat. Nice knees inside by Gibson. He drops for the takedown. He keeps working and gets it to the mat. Gibson on top now. Whitney with an elbow from his back. To the body from Gibson. Gibson looking to pass and makes his way to half guard. Gibson working on an arm now as he steps toward the head of Whitney. Left hands from the top. Gibson controlling the fight from the top so far. Whitney tries to shrimp out but Gibson maintains control. Gibson is working the head of Whitney threatening chokes. Whitney gets a little space and gets back to his feet. Gibson on his knees looking for a leg. They reset. Jab Gibson. Kick Gibson. Whitney counters but misses with a wild right hand. More jabs from Gibson. Whitney swinging wildly but is not connecting with much. Gibson takes Round 1.

Round 2 – Gibson with a kick to start. Nice jab and body shot from Gibson. Whitney comes forward and connects with a looping left hand. Gibson fires back. Gibson drives for a takedown. Whitney with the guillotine but Gibson powers through and is back on top. Gibson with a flurry of four, five, six right hands. He’s controlling Whitney. Full mount. Whitney bleeding now. More punches from the top. Whitney gets a knee in and gets back to half guard. He has had no answer for the top game of Gibson so far. Cross face from Gibson. Short elbows from the top. More right hands as Whitney scrambles to get his hips out. Gibson in total control. He’s controlling the head of Whitney against the cage. Whitney gets to his knees but gets put right back on the mat again. Gibson looking to lock up the D’arce choke. He gives up on it but then postures and lands right hands. Whitney is getting dominated. Guillotine attempt from Gibson. He lets it go, lands a few left hands then goes right back to the neck. More left hands. Gibson is landing big hammerfists now. Easy round for Gibson, 10-9.

Round 3 – Whitney needs a finish to win this one. He takes the center of the cage. Gibson flashing his kicks again. Jab. He’s used his jab and kicks nicely to stay outside and out of danger. Big kick to the body by Gibson. Back to the clinch. Gibson again looking to take the fight ot the mat. Whitney fires back with an uppercut. Right hand. Gibson steps back, fires off a jab then clinches. He drops for the the takedown. Goes for the ankle pick and finally works Whitney down to the mat. Whitney grabs the neck and is looking for the guillotine. Gibson rolls out of trouble and is back on top with Whitney turtled up on the cage. Left hands now from the top. Gibson takes his back and is working on his hooks. Whitney rolls. Gibson now looking for the full mount. Whitney sneaks a leg in there but still has Gibson on top. He kicks off to create space but Gibson is relentless and maintains control. Whitney grabs an arm and is looking for the kimura. He uses it to sweep and is now on top. To the body by Whitney. He’s looking for the guillotine from the top. Less than 30 seconds to go. Gibson defends the choke as time is running out. Whitney postures to throw then gets swept. Gibson ends the fight on top and wins the round. PMN scores the bout 30-27 for Cody Gibson.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Cody Gibson def. Andrew Whitney by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-27, 30-27)

Brian Davidson vs. John Devall

Round 1 – Davidson with a right and a kick to start. Devall fires back. Devall kicking early, landing inside. Davidson just misses upstairs. Davidson showing off a variety of kicks. Big lead left hand connects for Davidson. Flying knee, right hand Davidson. Davidson with a kick to the body. He’s getting loose. Devall with a nice counter left hand. Davidson fires his strikes so quick. Devall hanging tough and bringing the pressure. Exchange of kicks. Devall still scoring with leg kicks. Davidson fakes low and kicks high. Huge flying knee up the middle drops Devall. Davison backs off at first then pounces. He’s raining down right hands. Side control. Full mount. Big right hands. Davidson firing off from all angles. He’s standing over Devall now. Kicks to the legs. Devall scrambles up to his feet and gets dropped with a right hand. Davidson dropping massive elbows from the top. It’s over. Wow… Impressive!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Brian Davidson def. John Devall by submission (tap to strikes) Rd 1 (3:27)

Chris Holland vs. Braulio Estima

Round 1 – Holland with a kick to start. Estima backing up as Holland comes forward with right hands. One of them lands and staggers him. To the clinch now. Estima looking to take Holland into the deep waters of his world. Holland with a wide stance fighting off the cage. Estima pulls him off the cage and onto the mat. Holland bounces right back up and puts Estima on the cage. Estima driving for another takedown. Estima immediately to full mount. This one could end very quickly from here. He has the arm isolated for an arm triangle and Holland is in trouble. He slides to the side but cannot finish. Holland survives the first threat. Estima passes again, back to full mount. He’s looking for the arm triangle again. Holland is in trouble this time. He don’t tap but he does nap. Easy win for Estima in his debut as he cartwheels in celebration while Holland gets some shuteye.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Braulio Estima def. Chris Holland by technical submission (arm triangle) Rd 1 (3:41)

Anthony Johnson vs. Esteves Jones

Round 1 – Touch of gloves. How long will this one go? Johnson looks huge. He goes high with the kick. Front kick lands. He still looks quick even at light heavy. More kicks from Johnson. More head kicks, then a big takedown. Johnson is fast and strong at 205. Now he’s on top of a former super heavyweight. Johnson working to pull free as Jones tries to maintain control of Johnson’s posture. Right hands from the top. Elbows. Left hands now. Johnson with three big elbows from the top. He’s starting to fire off some effective ground-and-pound. Short, grinding elbows now. Big right hands. Jones is in trouble here. More elbows. Somehow the referee is calling for action. Johnson has been busy, not sure what the ref wants. Johnson looks to pass but gets stuck in the half guard of Jones. The referee again calling for work. Boos are coming from the crowd as well for some reason. Jones holding on but Johnson gets free. Big diving right hand from Johnson. He moves to full mount with under a minute to go. To the body now. Jones has done absolutely nothing but hold on. Big right hands, now a flurry of elbows that forces Jones to roll. The bell sounds but Jones is still lying on the canvas. Dominating round for Johnson. PMN gives him a 10-8 round in that one.

Round 2 – Jones swinging wildly to start. More kicks from Johnson. Jones reaches but isn’t even close. Johnson stalking, firing high to the head again. Another easy takedown for Johnson. Johnson pouring it on now. He’s throwing nonstop left hands and it’s over.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Anthony Johnson def. Esteves Jones by TKO (strikes) Rd 2 (0:51)

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