In what could probably be described as one of the most shocking media calls of the year, UFC president Dana White revealed to the press that Dan Henderson has been forced to withdraw from his scheduled bout against current light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones. With no main event the UFC was forced to cancel UFC 151 scheduled for next Saturday, Sept. 1, in Las Vegas.

One of the main issues raised on the media call was the knock-on effect the cancellation of UFC 151 will have on all the fighters scheduled to compete on the card. All of the fighters invested both time and money into preparing for their fights, and now their opportunity to compete and earn money has been taken away as a result of Jones’ decision not to fight.

Here is what UFC president Dana White had to say:

One thing that you really have to think about are the fighters on the undercard. Sure, Jon Jones is rich what does he care if he cancels the fight? But 20 other fighters on the card added up to almost a half a million dollars in purse money that Jones and Greg Jackson’s decision stole from them. No champion or headliner in UFC history has ever done that. As difficult as Tito Ortiz could be… even Tito never bailed on a fight.”

Chael Sonnen recently engaged in a back and forth war of words with Jon Jones after making it clear that he wanted to fight him for the title. Once the news about Henderson’s withdrawal reached Chael he offered to step in as a last minute replacement to take on Jones. However, the champion made a decision not to take the fight, which led to the the UFC cancelling the show. Sonnen even tweeted that he would give Jon Jones his purse if he accepted the fight.

“30 min to cement your legacy. Champ or Coward? I make a lot more than you do… Show up in 8 days I’ll give you my purse.”

Here are some more Twitter quotes and reactions from various UFC fighters and stars:

“Me n @Rick_Story took a fight on 24 hrs norice!! Champ what?!?!” – Charlie Brenneman

“Just heard the news. I got flights, hotels, tons of stuff I have 2 take care of. Just finished my last hard practice. Hope it’s not true.” – Shane Roller

“Thankyou everyone for the support. Things happen @ufc will take care of it. I have hit bigger speed bumps then this! #life” – Tim Means

“The news of UFC 151 cancelled is heartbreaking!!! Trying to stay positive that its Gods plan & not mine!!! Jon Jones is selfish For that!!!” – Abel Trujillo

Wait am I not fighting?? Please say it ain’t so I got bills to pay @ufc!” – Jeff Hougland

“Who got $50 I can borrow till my next fight? ;)” – Danny Castillo

“I train my ass off I sacrifice myself&my family and my fights get canceled and sponsors bullshit me and don’t pay. #UFC151canceled #livid” – Henry Martinez

“Now the entire UFC card is scrapped because Jones didn’t accept a fight with a 185lb’er who is completely out of shape. WOW. Just wow.” – Joe Rogan

“99.999% of @ufc fighters will be “company men” and help our organization if needed. @sonnench is a company man,@JonnyBones is selfish.” – Michael Chiesa

“I can’t believe a whole show was canceled because of Jon Jones!! He should have to relinquish his belt” – T.J. Dillashaw

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By Jay Cee

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