‘All Access: Ronda Rousey’ part 2 (full episode)

Part 2 of “All Access: Ronda Rousey” continues Showtime’s intimate look into the life of the Strikeforce women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey who will defend her title for the first time this Saturday night against former 135 pound champ Sarah Kaufman. Part 2 focuses more on Ronda’s training as she travels to Lodi to train with the Diaz brothers and work on her boxing with coach Richard Perez.

We also get to see Ronda’s reaction the ESPN Body Issue and the behind-the-scenes video from the photo shoot that ends up showing more than what was promised. Viewers will see how Ronda is dealing with her new-found fame and find out such interesting factoids about the Olympic judoka such as… ¬†she goes through 28 pair of underwear a week.

The spotlight is also on former champion Sarah Kaufman as she trains and prepares to try and knock the newcomer off her pedestal and reclaim her former glory as title-holder. Kaufman is focused, determined and confident that Rousey has yet to face a striker as well-rounded as she. And if you missed part one, you can check that out here: “All Access: Ronda Rousey” part 1.

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