FIST-ta-CUFF Radio show 150 kicks off with the man known simply as “Biggie”! Michael “Biggie” Rhodes is dropping in on the shop to talk his upcoming fight August 11th in Madison for the Madtown Throwdown event. Biggie is currently 1-0 as a pro with a very impressive victory in his debut. “Biggie” trains with the team over at RoufuSport and is currently roommates with show favorite Erik Koch. We have plenty to talk to Mike about from his nickname, how he got into the sport, living with Koch, and so much more. “Biggie” has a thing for the TMNT and you know we gotta talk about his mama, cause she did an amazing job raising him. “Biggie” is one of the young talents coming out of Roufus’ camp that you should keep an eye on. Holding an amateur record of 6-1 and the training he’s getting it might not be long before you’re chanting B-I-G! Follow Biggie on twitter @TeamRocBiggie



Okay so the rest of the show takes us up North. It’s been a while since we have done an MFC show, but don’t worry because that all changes right now! Our first guest looks to stay unbeaten at MFC 34 as he takes on Luke Harris. Joseph “Leonidas” Henle is back on the show and it’s been a while. We will talk to Leonidas about his upcoming fight and getting the call to head up North to fight in Canada’s biggest show. You might remember “Leonidas” from the Ultimate Fighter, but you need to remember him cause he’s been on a roll and I don’t think he plans on stopping anytime soon. We will talk to Joseph about his early years training Tae-Kwon-Do, his days playing college sports, and so much more. Follow Leonidas on twitter @Leonidasmma



At only 22 years old our next guest is not only one of the best prospects inside the MFC, but in MMA period! That’s right Dhiego Lima is on the show and we have plenty to talk about. Lima is set to take on Nick Hinchliffe at MFC 34. Lima was on a roll at 6-0 until his last fight where he picked up his first loss. They say that you learn more from that first loss, compared to all the wins before it. We will talk to Dhiego about his last fight, his upcoming match at MFC 34, and of course where he goes from here. I can’t wait to get this man on the show, cause if he is anything like his brother, Dhiego will be ready to hear the bell ring. Get ready to see a very hungry Dhiego Lima not only on the show but when he hits the arena at MFC 34. Follow Dhiego on twitter @DHLima121



You know with a guest list like that, we only have one option to close out the show. That’s right, the man calling the shots for Canada’s MMA scene Mark Pavelich is back! You heard that right, the godfather of Canada’s MMA is back on the show and we plan on blowing the roof off the shop. Mark is one of the best guests a show could ask for and we’ve had him on more then enough times to know what to expect. Mark is just like us he DOESN’T PULL PUNCHES! I expect nothing less from Mark as we talk his upcoming card MFC 34, where the MFC is headed, his current stable of fighters, and whatever Mr. Pavelich wants to talk as he always shows up with a few topics of his own. If you aren’t following Mark already on twitter get with the program and follow the Godfather of Canada’s MMA on twitter @MarkPavelich

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Show starts at 7:30 p.m. PT / 10:30 p.m. ET (press play)!

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