We kick things off this week with a man known to MMA fans as “The “Muscle Shark”. You heard me correct! Sean Sherk is kicking things off this weekend for show 147. We have plenty to talk to Sean about from his time as the UFC Lightweight Champ, his fights against BJ Penn, “Kenflo” and so much more. Look at the man’s career and where he has come from, those topics alone could fill 30 minutes, but we want to make sure that we give Sean enough time to talk about his current projects he has going on outside of the cage. We will also talk to Sean about his desire to return to the cage. (He does still have a current UFC contract if memory serves correct). All I know is you don’t want to miss the start of the show as we are going to kick it off like our name was Anderson Silva and the show was Vitor Belfort’s face… And make sure to follow Sean on twitter @SeanSherkUFC


You may have heard of this fight promotion called the XFC, but do you know much about the president of the organization? Well his name is John Prisco and you are about to learn plenty about him and his organization as he swings through the shop to talk all XFC. We will talk to John about the rewards and the struggles of running a Pro MMA promotion, dealing with issues inside the ring and out of it. We will talk fighters missing weight, injuries, and the rest of the problems that come with putting a card together. We will talk to John about his current roster of fighters and his card coming up in August. We will of course talk to John about Women’s MMA and how he has a very talented group of women inside his promotion. All I know is we have so much to try and cram inside of a small 30 minute window, I hope you boys and girls alike are ready for a jam packed, hard hitting interview. Follow John on twitter @JohnXFC


Alright so I admit, I’m a mama’s boy, wait you want to make fun of me for this??? Okay well let me introduce our next guest first, Kelvin “The MAMA’S BOY” Tiller. Oh so now being a Mama’s boy is cool… I got you. Kelvin is ready to talk his career, upcoming fights, being signed to Bellator, and much more. Kelvin has been on a roll lately, with his last win coming by submission win at Bellator 70 by Kimura. We will talk to Kelvin about how he got started in the sport, his current win streak, fighting on the big stage, and more. We are looking forward to getting to know Kelvin better and getting inside his head a little to see what 2012 brings for a man who loves his mama, and I’m sure who’s mama loves him. Follow Kelvin on twitter @KelvinTiller


We have a special treat for you tonight, no not cookies, I MEAN A REALLY SPECIAL TREAT! We don’t really cover wrestling here at the site or the show, but this is a story we couldn’t turn down. Stephany Lee the #2 ranked female wrestler in the United States is no longer a member of the 2012 Olympic Wrestling Team (Which she qualified for). Now you may be saying okay so where is this story going, well click the link to get all the details on this story before we hear it from Stephany directly.
All I have to say is, it involves a relationship the USA Wrestling team didn’t approve of, a positive drug test, and a replacement who was beaten by our guest. I hope you guys and girls are ready for one of the biggest interviews of this shows’ history. If you have never believed me when I said not to miss an interview, this is that time to believe. Oh and did I mention Stephany has a message/announcement for all you MMA fans?

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Show starts at 7:30 p.m. PT / 10:30 p.m. ET (press play)!

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