Junior Dos Santos: ‘Soon Alistair Overeem will feel the power of my hand’

UFC Heavyweight Champion Junior dos Santos

Alistair Overeem recently said he felt that UFC heavyweight champion Junior Dos Santos is afraid of him and is happy the former Strikeforce heavyweight champ is not able to fight right now (Do you recall why he can’t fight?).

This sort of talk sounds familiar to Dos Santos and he compared it to a similar strategy that was just used by a fellow by the name of — rhymes with Snails Bonnen — to get a fight with another fellow named — rhymes with McFlanderson Dilva.

Dos Santos just smiled, laughed and said he has a little present waiting for Mr. Testosterone:

“The school of Chael Sonnen has more students. He’s [Overeem] going to start to talk a lot of [expletive] because he saw the UFC give the chance for Chael Sonnen to fight Anderson again. Man, I’m not afraid of him. I’m not afraid of anybody here. And if he thinks he’s better than me, come to fight with me and as soon as he feels the power of my hand, he’s going to change his mind.”