Congrats to Chris Weidman tonight for one helluva victory over Mark Munoz.


No disrespect to Chris Weidman, but is┬áRashad Evans “what’s next” for Anderson Silva?

Can Rashad Evans Beat Anderson Silva?

In the grand scheme of things we must readily admit that there are no current 185 pound fighters that are in the same league as Anderson Silva right now.

I know, I know.

People deserve a chance; but really that’s just a cliche, it’s not true.

Everybody does NOT deserve a chance and in the UFC title shots are NOT earned – they are given. If they were earned, there’d be a ranking system and the #2 guy would always fight for the belt. Or there would be a tournament system. There is not. And in MOST cases this makes for some exciting fights and provides a “fan driven” sport with a “fan driven” element to the match up process.

I’m not saying that the fans “dictate” the match-ups but they do most certainly have some influence over the process (i.e. match-ups are made with potential gate and pay-per-view buys in mind)

In the UFC, as Dana White has clearly stated, the fights put on are the ones that the “fans wanna see.”

Well, I’m a writer, a former athlete and a sports fan and I can tell you right now that THIS is a fight that I want to see.

I don’t know Chris Weidman, at all, and I’m sure he’s a wonderful dude. His background and pedigree definitely speak for themselves and his time in the Octagon has been more than impressive, but… he’s NOT going to draw a pay-per-view gate like Evans vs. Silva, and both Evans and Silva are future UFC Hall of Famers.

At this time, instead of throwing more “chum” into the waters for Anderson Silva, let’s pause and consider a matchup between Evans and Silva.

And, I’ve read somewhere that Evans’ agent, Glen Robinson, said that Rashad has no plans to fight at 185lbs.

In harmony with what Floyd “Money” Mayweather has said… Rashad Evans is a PRIZE fighter and he will fight whoever he needs to fight FOR THE RIGHT PRIZE.

So…..all I can say to Glen is……”C’mon man?!?!?!”


Let’s be serious. I hate to rhyme like Don King but…. “If the check┬áis right, he will fight!”

Personally, I had the opportunity to see Rashad at the UFC Expo in Vegas during UFC 148 and he looked VERY LEAN and chiseled.

In my opinion, he was about 217-214lbs. and could make 185 easily in a matter of 8-10 weeks on a clean eating program.

Also, in my humble opinion, this fight makes sense.

Rashad is a great wrestler, with better ground and pound skills than Chael Sonnen and definitely more quickness and more big time fights under his belt. He’s an expert at getting in close range and using his grappling to control the fight. All of these things present a huge challenge for Anderson Silva.

On the other hand, Anderson is the master at figuring out how to dissect, break down and infiltrate the mind and strategy of his opponent.

I love this match-up and would love to see it as a title fight at 185 for 5 rounds or a 195 catch weight bout for 3 rounds.

Either way, it is certainly a fight that many want to see.


One thought on “Dr. Rhadi Ferguson asks: Is Rashad Evans ‘what’s next’ for Anderson Silva?”
  1. Anderson would rock him. He’s much to lenghty for Evans. Though, I would pay to see it.clearly that’s what counts right?

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