Clay Guida thought he almost pitched a shutout against Gray Maynard

UFC lightweight Clay Guida is still answering questions about his gameplan in a split decision loss against Gray Maynard on FUEL TV last week. Guida spoke with Jordan Sherwood of ESPN 760 “Inside the Cage” about his thoughts on the fight and why he thought he should have gotten the nod from the judges:

I thought the gameplan and strategy we came up with, I thought it played out perfectly, almost too good as a matter of fact. Yeah, we could have landed a couple more combinations here, we could have gotten into wrestling a little bit more, but Gray is a very dominant wrestler. He’s a very good counter wrestler, too. I’ve only seen him be taken down once, maybe twice, in the UFC, and that was by Frankie Edgar, and that was just for a brief moment. I thought we did enough to stop his wrestling. He gave us his best double leg blast takedown that no one has stopped in the UFC and in his mixed martial arts career.

We stuffed it on numerous occasions. We stood him up. We landed two and three punch combinations. We stunned him with kicks. He was swinging and missing like Sammy Sosa in one of his worst slumps. We left him frustrated. We left him with a face of desperation when he was flipping me off and cursing me and dropping “F-bombs” in the cage. Need I go on? Yes, I can still go on. Let’s see, what else? Oh yea, did I say I was more elusive than he’s probably seen any opponent? Oh yeah, how about the time I moved and he ran face first into the cage. Need I go on? Let’s see. Oh, the judges. Yeah, the three blind mice. Yeah, they definitely got paid for their job that night. They did a [expletive] of a job. I want to commend them and the New Jersey State Athletic Commission for blowing another [one], taking someone’s victory.

Guida also spoke on UFC President Dana White’s comments after the fight in which he was heavily criticized:

¬†Yeah, I wasn’t very thrilled about it, but I spoke with Dana on Sunday after the fight, after I watched it and we kinda hashed things out. As far as how I thought [I did], I won pretty much each round. I can maybe see it 3-2 somehow for me, but I thought it was 4-1. I thought we almost pulled the shutout on him.

Guida makes some valid points, but kind of tells on himself with the “elusive” statement. Guida is thought by many to be one of the most exciting fighters in MMA. However, the fight with Maynard isn’t the first time that he’s fought overly cautious which resulted in backlash from fans. His split decision win over Nate Diaz at UFC 94 left quite a bit to be desired as he basically took Diaz down and did nothing to try and inflict damage. He did the same thing against Anthony Pettis at the TUF 13 Finale.

What’s your take on Guida? Do you think he’s an exciting fighter, or do you think his constant movement inside the cage as wel his walk to the cage/weigh-in’s give off a false sense of excitement?


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