The Vidonic Chronicles: Fighting in co-main event at CageSport XX

This has been an eventful week, like always.  I’ve got my step daughter Brooklyn here on a visit, Mark is getting ready for summer camp this week and I’m training for my fight.  We have very little down time, so I am enjoying every minute of it.

I’m a little less than three weeks out until I am back in the cage. I have to say I am grateful to be showcasing my skills in my hometown area of the Pacific North West against another veteran of the sport, and worthy opponent.

Sally Krumdiack (9-5) has been competing in full contact fighting at least twice as long as I have; we are each on our 15th fight (that’s my amateur and pro records combined).  I have only been pro since July 2010, almost two years, and I started as an ammy January of 2009.

So, July 14th at the Emerald Queen Casino in Fife, Wash., is where CageSport MMA and Brian Halquist Productions will host their all-pro CageSport XX card.  Sally and I are the co-main event of the evening!  You can purchase tickets here.  I want to say thanks to all of my PMN (Pro MMA Now)  fans who will be in the building on the 14th! Come say hi, grab a picture with me and enjoy the show!

My son Mark has a couple weekly jobs where he earns his own money; right now he is fixing up his BMX bike, we are awaiting a box of parts.They will be here this week while he is at camp, figures!

At the end of July here in Montana is the Big Sky State Games.  Last year we got here to Billings the weekend they were happening.  This time I’m competing in the grappling (BJJ).  You know, these events are covered by local news stations, The Gazette, and I am looking for sponsors for this event.

I will have a long sleeve rash guard, where I will advertise your logo before and during the event.  You will get interview, blog and networking site mentions up to and during the event weekend.

So, what do you say?  You want to sponsor Billings ONLY Pro female MMA fighter for the largest weekend sports event in Montana every year?  Please check me out on my website, Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, YouTube, and Google; then you can contact me on my website or at

There will be more than just myself representing Team Vidonic at the Big Sky State Games.  We will be bringing to the mats skill and sportsmanship.  Saturday July 21st at the Downstairs Gym (wrestling room) at Skyview High come support local grappling.

Here’s a little “Food for Thought” entering competitions: If you have the choice to challenge yourself, you should.  How will you know where you lack and how will you grow?  I’ll keep everyone updated, more to come.

A little more news for my Billings area locals, or those moving to the area.  We offer a small class setting, we are a fighters’ gym and want to give you the tools you need to be a professional.  Your success is YOUR success, ego free and bully free environment.

This kind of behavior is NOT tolerated.  Are you willing to work hard to take your training to the next level? Give us a call/text at 406-534-9720 or email .  We also offer private lessons, please contact for more details.

I love to document the journey to my fights, and think it’s awesome that so many people follow what I do, thank you!  Please be sure to check back each day, I’m posting something new all the time!  Keep your eyes open for a super cool give a way very soon!

I’m also glad to say a couple of my friends have been losing weight, and I am proud of them!  Kat has been trying out my amazing sponsor,, and along with a healthy diet and exercise; she managed to still lose weight on her summer road trip! Good job Kat, now you are back too!

Here is a FB status from one of my other friends: June 19, 2012 WOOOHOOOO The first of February I was putting on 42 inch waist shorts to go to work and this morning I got on 36s. Thank You Little Patricia and Jason Vidonic for Helping me and Motivating me to reach this goal.

I want to shout out to my gym Alternative Athletics Crossfit, this is truly the best place on Earth!  I am very grateful to have my amazing husband/coach as well as my awesome training partner Ferg, thanks guys!  A big thanks to Jack Bratcher and Denny Hodge with for all of your support! Thanks to my fans, family and my awesome sponsors: Polanti WatchesNutrabio.comSuper Body CareDamage Control Mouthguards,  A.C.E.S.No Pain Just Glory and Solo Graphics.

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XOXO Little Patricia
~ Red Power ~

“Little” Patricia Vidonic chronicled her journey to winning the Beatdown MMA women’s 110-pound title in her “Road to the Championship Blog”. Now that Patricia has achieved that goal, readers can follow “The Vidonic Chronicles” each week as she continues her journey toward becoming the top 110 and 115-pound female MMA fighter in the world.