Fight video: Tim Sylvia picks up first round TKO at ‘NEF: Fight Night 3’

Former UFC heavyweight champion Tim “The Maine-iac” Sylvia (31-7) picked up his third straight victory and continued his post-UFC ascent Saturday night, June 16, at New England Fights’ ‘Fight Night 3’ in Lewiston, Maine.

“The Maine-iac” withstood a hard right hand from opponent Randy “The Wolf” Smith (14-11-1) as the bout started, but retaliated with a punch that dropped Smith. Sylvia then stood over Smith and landed several shots until the referee was forced to stop the fight. Total time: 12 seconds.

NEF co-owner and promoter Nick DiSalvo commented:

“I’m looking at the top-ten heavyweight rankings in MMA right now. In Tim Sylvia I see a guy who has competed and can still compete at that level. Say what you want about the heavyweight division now compared to a few years ago when he was on top, and I know all the keyboard warriors will s**t all over this, but the way Tim looked the other night was nothing short of a monster. This wasn’t some ‘can’ he pounded in thirteen seconds in Lewiston. Randy Smith has competed at a very high level the last few years in the northeast region of the country, beating some of the best heavyweights around and capturing a series of title belts. Tim’s entrance into the Colisee was one of the most emotional I’ve ever seen. You had 3,000 people on their feet giving Sylvia a standing ovation and chanting his name. ‘Electric’ is the only way I can describe the atmosphere in that arena during the main card.”

“NEF: Fight Night 3” results:


  • 265 Tim Sylvia (MFS) def. Randy Smith (CNYMMA) ref stoppage-strikes round 1
  • 170 Ryan Sanders (Young’s) def. Ray Shawdee (Intenze/BTT) guillotine round 2
  • 155 Jamie Harrison (First Coast Full Contact) def. Andrew Robertson (MMA of Southern Maine) ref stoppage – strikes round 1
  • 170 Josh Bellows (Littlefield’s Gym) def. Ryan Cowette (MMA Athletix) ko round 1
  • 155 Bruce Boyington (Young’s) def. Keegan Hornstra (Recluse) ko round 1
  • 135 Hassan Mahmood (Bombsquad) def. Ernie Ornelas (Choi’s) rnc round 1
  • 155 Josh Parker (Littlefield’s) def. Chris Ramos (CNYMMA) unanimous decision


  •  145 John Raio (MMA Athletix) def. Derek Shorey (The Shop) tap to guillotine round 2
  •  195 Allan Josselyn (Team Kaze) def. Matt Benner (CNYMMA) ko round 1
  •  160 Jesse Erickson (CMBJJ) def. Tollison Lewis (Wai Nei) ref stoppage – strikes round 1
  •  135 Nick Spencer (Choi’s) def. Matt Almy (Bombsquad) kimura round 1
  •  155 John Healey (The Shop) def. Cleon Hoggard (Team Dow) rnc round 3
  •  205 Brent Dillingham (MMA Athletix) def. Crowsneck Boutin (Independent) ref stoppage – strikes round 2
  •  185 Buck Pineau (Choi’s) def. Tim Tucker (Indpendent) rnc round 1
  •  130 Maria Rios (The Academy) def. Kylie Christine (CNYMMA) rnc round 1
  •  HVY Matt Mahon (Bombsquad) def. Matt Mahon (Wai Nei) ref stoppage – strikes round 1

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  1. fake n gay, wonder how much he paid the other fighter to dive, he looked like god zilla from the early 90s , his movements were so slow and static. All this is a scam for dana to get him back into the ufc

  2. lol he was just a far superior boxer and much bigger. He was HW champ in the UFC for a reason.

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