It seems Arnaud Lepont and Brian Choi are ready to beat the crap out of each other

When we first found out that Eddie Ng was injured and couldn’t face Muayfit’s Arnaud Lepont, we were bummed. Bummed out like a Pacman fan who used his last 10 bucks to bet on Manny, 10 bucks which he could have used to buy beer.

We didn’t know why though. Maybe it’s because both guys were two of the hottest prospects fighting out of Southeast Asia today, maybe it was because there was a certain mystique built around both of them or maybe it was because they both were kind of cool.

No one can deny that they were looking forward to that fight. Oh well, all we can say is, get over it. Sh*t happens and you just got to move on, take note Manny fans (ouch!)

Moving on means that you should check out the build up video for the Arnaud Lepont vs Brian Choi match at “ONE FC: Destiny of Warriors“. Yeap, ONE FC just released the very cool video, which you can watch at the end of my article, showcasing both fighters talking about their upcoming fight.

Choi fights out of Asia’s no.1 gym, Evolve MMA while Lepont fights out of Malaysia’s no.1 MMA gym, Muayfit. Both guys are pretty damn confident going into this fight and it seems like nothing is going to stop them from getting the “W”.

Brian Choi clearly states that he thinks that if anyone wants to submit him, that dude will have to be at least a BJJ black belt. This might be a problem for Lepont because last time we checked, he wasn’t a BJJ black belt.

Lepont on the other hand, ups the ante by clearly and confidently stating that you will have to “kill him” to beat him. That might also be a problem for Choi since we doubt that killing Lepont is part of the game plan going into the fight. You know, just saying.

Just like the initially planned fight between Lepont and Ng, winning this fight will mean a lot to both fighters. Choi is coming off a loss from top Korean Featherweight Bae Young Kwon and would love to bounce back onto the win column.

Lepont, on the other hand, will look to continue his 5 fight win streak and solidify his place as one of the top lightweights in Asia. With the stakes being so high for Choi and Lepont, fans can expect both fighters to put in 100% percent and give it their all.

We don’t know about you, but with both fighters having so much to prove, we think that this match might just tear the house down.

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