In this video Chael Sonnen talks about his upcoming re-match against Anderson Silva at UFC 148 as the two men will meet again to fight for the middleweight title on July 7th. Silva defeated Sonnen in their first matchup at UFC 117 via submission.

Sonnen explains that his intention is to pick a fight and explains that he will take what he wants and does not care who it offends. He goes on to explain that he feels he can overcome any aspect of Silva’s game:

“It’s a new fight, it’s my 25 minutes versus his 25 minutes, who can push harder, longer. It has nothing to do with skill, commentators and announcers love to make this about skills but it’s not. It’s about who’s tougher then who, who want’s it more, who is willing to push harder, longer, his 25 versus my 25.”

Chael talks about how he feels Silva did everything he could to prevent the fight from happening and that he can’t keep him away anymore.

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