UFC heavyweight Roy Nelson

UFC 146 has come and gone but a few of the fighters got paid a little bit extra for their outstanding performances on Saturday night.

That little extra equates to $70,000 each.

  • “Knockout of the Night”:Roy Nelson
  • “Knockout of the Night”: Dan Hardy
  • “Submission of the Night”: Stefan Struve
  • “Submission of the Night”: Paul Sass

There was no customary “Fight of the Night” bonus offered by the UFC.

Roy Nelson made quick work of Dave Herman with a picture perfect over the top right hand that crumpled Herman to his knees. Nelson only followed up with one or two punches before the referee could come in and stop the fight.

Dan Hardy overcame some adversity against Duane Ludwig to land a picture perfect left hook that dropped “Bang” to the canvas like a sack of rocks. Hardy then followed up with a few punches to seal the deal and his future in the UFC as he had lost his previous four fights.

Stefan Struve did something out of the ordinary for a guy that towers close to seven feet tall. He pulled guard against Lavar Johnson and sunk in an armbar within seconds to secure the win forcing Johnson to tap before having his arm fully extended.

Paul Sass also took home a “Submission of the Night” award as he was able to sink in an armbar/triangle combination that forced Jacob Volkmann to call it a night in their respective fight. That’s the 12th submission win out of 13 fights for Sass.

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