Had a productive week leading up to Mom’s Day.  We got Ferg and Tyson short notice fights in Chicago for Saturday the 12th, last weekend.  Polished up their game plans and drilled, drilled, drilled.

I was in charge of getting them to and from the airport, run the gym while they were gone and do a surprise interview for Mother’s Day with KLUR8 news, a local channel about being an extraordinary mom.

We trained till Wednesday night, the guys left Thursday afternoon and I picked them up at 10 a.m. on Sunday.  Mark had a track meet, he jumped (2) 11’2” and a 11’6”.  Awesome job, someone’s been working on their technique.

Hung out with Jen over the weekend, thanks girl!  We went to Fuddruckers for dinner one night, never been there. The one on the West end here in Billings has a cool duck pond, they give you rolls to feed them at the bakery counter inside, and Jen took some pics.

After dinner we went to the gym to meet up with Kenneth Wong from KLUR8 news.  The week before Mom’s Day they put up a posting on Facebook about wanting to do a story on an extraordinary mom and Jason saw it.  He sent Kenneth a message (without my knowledge) letting him know who he was, and who I am.  Next thing I know, before the guys went out of town Jason told me about it! Thanks babe.

What a great time doing the interview, Mark was also a part of it, as well as Greg (thanks for rolling on film with me man).  Jen and Bella watched, what great fun.

We had a great time doing laundry and watching the fights over at Jen’s. Unfortunately both guys fell short, however, that happens when you step up to more experienced fighters, short notice at heavier weights than normal.

Nothing but sportsmanship from Team Vidonic though, and you boys made us proud.  Both Ferg and Tyson preformed well. Tyson got caught with a left hook, while throwing one of his own, resulting in being KO’d.  I have to say, even though he looked pretty peaceful, he scared the BLEEP out of me!  Glad you are OK man.

Ferg lost via TKO in the second round. His ref was, well to say the least, terrible!  These things happen also; he preformed great, and showed his skills, nice wrestling bud! We are proud of you both for giving 100% and representing the team with integrity.  Thank you boys, and way to step up to a tough challenge.

The guys had early flights home, which turned out to be quite convenient, considering it was Mother’s Day. It was a nice and relaxing day, hanging out, watching movies and cuddling in bed.

This last week flew by. Mark had another Track meet and jumped his longest jump yet, 12’10”! Training every night, running errands, living life — busy, busy, busy…

I have included some pictures and a fun rolling video of coach and I.

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I dig my team, you all are like family to me.  Thanks for working hard, making me work hard and representing our team and my last name with dignity.  Thanks to all of my family, friends, and fans for your continued love and support!

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