Matt Metts will face Scott Holtzman at XFC 18 - Music City Mayhem, live on HDNet

I’m back at it again with another installment in my blog series although this time there is a different fight to talk about. I will be fighting for the XFC at Music City Mayhem on June 22nd. Scott Holtzman is my opponent and he is a solid fighter.

We will be fighting live on HDNet that night so I hope he and I can give the fans an exciting fight. It’s a little odd that I will be fighting on television in only my second professional fight but I have had this dream for years and to reach this point so soon is awesome.

In case you missed the first entry in my last short-lived blog series, I live and train in Lexington, KY where I grew up. I train at Reaction MMA and I have the best coach and teammates that anyone could ask for. If you are located in the Central KY area and are looking to get in shape, I highly recommend training at our gym. I have spent my entire career training there; I went 7-0 as an amateur and am currently 1-0 as a professional.

At the beginning of my camp, I started working security at a club in Lexington called Trust Lounge. So far it has been great and I have been able to train full time and take advantage of having my days off. If you ever find yourself in Lexington on a weekend and you’re looking for some nightlife, I suggest you come to Trust.

I also suggest that you continue reading my blog series because there will be a new one out each week! I plan on posting video blogs of training, daily life, and whatever else I think people will like to see.  I also want to take a minute to thank my sponsors that are supporting me while I get ready for this fight – On Point Athletics, Swole Sports Nutrition, BluegrassMMA, and Lucky’s Auto Sports.

If you’re looking to buy tickets to my fight, go here to find out how.

You can watch a video of my pro debut fight against Jason Keen below, and be sure to follow me on Twitter to keep up with everything as I get ready for my fight. Follow me @Metts155.

DISCLAIMER: Although I am a professional fighter, I’m still an amateur at blogging. So hang in there with me.


“Words From a Wooly Headed Warrior” is a weekly blog series written by professional fighter Matt Metts as he prepares for his June 22nd fight at XFC 18. “Words From a Wooly Headed Warrior” is part of our ongoing series of exclusive content written by individuals involved in the mixed martial arts industry. For more information on Metts, visit The Matthew Wellington Group.

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