India’s Kultar Singh Gill returns home for Super Fight League 3

Kultar Singh Gill will take on Quinton Arendse at Super Fight League 3 on May 6 in New Delhi, India. Super Fight League 3 will air live and exclusive at

“I am never in anything boring, let alone my fights. You should see my underwear.” If a sportsman’s job is to entertain as well as compete, Kultar Gill should be getting paid overtime.

As a fighter named after the world’s deadliest snake, with a day job as a prison warden, it would be easy to assume Gill is a grim man. That assumption could not be more wrong. “The Black Mamba” is one of MMA’s more entertaining characters, both in and out the ring.

Now, after a four year hiatus, the Canadian is back and ready to showcase his colorful character and deadly skills to the country of his origin.

“I’m very proud of the Super Fight League for bringing the fastest growing sport in the world to India and giving me the honor of showcasing my talent to my motherland.”

Known throughout the fight world as one of Canada’s most seasoned and respected veterans, the kickboxing expert has been the MMA’s standout Indian expatriate for over 10 years. So now making a comeback on a major show in his motherland that will be watched by hundreds of thousands, could Gill be feeling nervous come May 6th?

“The only thing nerve-racking about fighting in India is the fact that if I don’t perform to my fullest my mom will be waiting for me at the airport with the biggest stick she can find to give me a beating with.”

Noticeable is the fact Gill refuses to even mention the word “lose”, nor does he mention the word “win”. His sole aim is to go into every fight and perform to his fullest and the rest will take care of itself. It is this attitude that has seen him fight from lightweight to middleweight across the world. First entering the world of professional kickboxing at the age of just 17, Gill has never shown any fear as to who or where he fights.

“As a child I was fighting grown men. Sometimes I needed to put rocks in my pockets just to make the weight. I was 17 when I won the Canadian and Pacific North American kickboxing titles as a professional. I fought for the world title while I was still in school. I won the North American title aged 19 and was ranked 6th in the world. I then took a break after having gotten married aged 20 but my heart was always in fighting, so I decided to start wrestling and take up MMA.”

What followed was a whirlwind career that saw Gill fighting from Canada to Russia to Japan and back again. Having picked up an international reputation for delivering exciting fights, Gill was flooded with offers to fight in Japan, which at the time was the hotbed of MMA. After having taken on some of the very best in the world in both MMA and kickboxing, Gill took a break in 2008.

“I needed a break to work on things such as my real-estate empire and my academy. The academy has become really powerful and we have champions fighting around the world. But I am getting back into MMA to raise the trillion rupees I need for world domination.”

First in his plans of world domination is most definitely India. Having both gone to school in India as a child and visited many times since, Gill has a genuine connection with the country of his origin.

“I studied in Mansoori as a child and also went to a Chandigarh boarding school in my youth. I have a lot of memories of getting beat down with a stick by these old 80 pound ladies. The good old days, I miss them. Where I live in Canada is just the same really though, I live in the city of Abbotsford. The population of Punjabis here is 35%. It’s like little India. Smells the same, people talk the same, eat the same and swear the same. Only difference is no rickshaws or animal poop on the streets, otherwise that it’s home-sweet-home.”

A true patriot, Gill was always proud to represent India in his bouts. Keeping his faith within the Sikh religion, which was born in northern India, Gill attributes it as part of the reason he has had such an illustrious career in the fight game

“I’m a proud Sikh. We have been a martial race since the beginning. As MMA grows in India you will see the heart and soul of Punjabi warriors reborn and take up new challenges within MMA. We just need to remember not to bring our swords into the ring. Maybe someone should put up a sign – ‘No Weapons’.”

Come May 6th, the only lethal weapon in the ring will be “The Black Mamba” and all jokes aside, Gill is looking to make a lethal impression. Now 33 and with a 10-8 record, this could be the last chapter in his distinguished fight career. Ever the showman, Gill wants to make a name for himself in his motherland.

“I want India to know that come May 6th I will be going into this fight like an animal hunting its prey. Death is just another state of existence, so I plan to introduce my opponent to it. My game plan is simple; shin meets face and sleepy-sleepy time. After the smoke clears the audience can cheer me as their new favorite fighter.”

For years, Gill has been representing India in MMA. Now he is representing MMA in India.

“I want to show India we are professional athletes who sweat, bleed and carry the torch of the inner being that many do not let loose. We ask you to cheer us on while we work our magic. We are athletes like no other.”

On May 6th Gill will get the chance to show India what he has been showing the rest of the world for over 10 years now. Born to fight and born to entertain, if ever there was a fighter made for the SFL, it is Kultar Gill.

Watch Gill take on Quinton Arendse at SFL 3 on May 6th, live and exclusive on

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