LAS VEGAS — Following the Nevada State Athletic Commission’s decision Tuesday to suspend UFC heavyweight Alistair Overeem nine months for a failed drug test he took on March 27, ( and a small group of MMA media spoke with NSAC Executive Director Keith Kizer about the ruling.

In addition to details about Overeem’s license to fight, Kizer also discussed an incident that occurred with Overeem the actual day the drug test was given in which the Director says he witnessed Overeem speeding away from the venue at a pace comparable to Usain Bolt, possibly indicative of someone who had something to hide. Kizer also touches on the Nick Diaz medical marijuana card situation.

Enjoy cameos by HDNet’s Mr. Ron Kruck (@Rkruck) and MiddleEasy’s @LayzieTheSavage.

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  1. Bahahaha!! Can’t wait for the mock videos of Overeem running like Usain Bolt to come out!! Surely nobody is surprised this happened by the way!

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