Speaking to the media and UFC fans at Tuesday's press conference in Rio de Janeiro, Chael P. Sonnen said his plan was to sneak into Brazil wearing the bushy-eyebrows-with-mustache-big-nose-and-glasses disguise you see in the photo above. However, he said instead of the Brazilian fans not recognizing him, they mistook him for Nogueira.

UFC President Dana White, along with UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva and no. 1 185-pound contender Chael Sonnen, held a press conference today in Rio de Janeiro to announce their bout originally scheduled for May 27 in Brazil was being moved to UFC 148 on July 7 in Las Vegas.

Sonnen was in rare form once again, feigning falling asleep and snoring during Silva’s comments, bringing out a Groucho Marx-type mask he said he used as a disguise to get into the country and he even used the press conference as an opportunity to promote his new book. Photos are below and you can watch an on-demand replay of the press conference here: ‘UFC 148: Silva vs. Sonnen 2’ press conference (VIDEO).

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