Kid Yamamoto’s heroic deed saves man’s life

In a story being reported today out of (Japan’s Yahoo News Section), UFC fighter Norifumi “Kid” Yamamoto risked his own life in saving an elderly man from certain death. The Japanese MMA and kickboxing star was one of many people crammed inside the Tokyo’s Toei Asakusa Line Gotanda Station on April 12 when an elderly man fell on to the tracks, knocking himself unconscious.

While all other bystanders remained frozen in fear, not knowing when the next train could come hurdling through the station, Kid Yamamoto leaped on to the tracks to help the fallen man. When Yamamoto could not lift the man, who was bleeding heavily, he urged other pedestrians to come help.

With help from other citizens, the elderly man was lifted from the tracks and was soon taken to a nearby hospital. The Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Transportation has reported that the man is in stable condition at a nearby area hospital.

Kid Yamamoto has been a big star on the Japanese Mixed Marital Arts scene for many years. He is tied with Duane Ludwig for the fastest knockout in major organized professional MMA. Co-holding the record by a four second knock out over Kazuyuki Miyata via flying knee. After being signed to the UFC in December of 2010, he has lost 3 straight fights but still remains under contract by the organization.