UFC and Dana White demand retraction from Cage Potato website

The UFC has served popular mixed martial arts blog Cage Potato (www.cagepotato.com) a demand for retraction of what they deem defamatory statements regarding UFC President Dana White in an April 14 article.

The defamation accusation apparently centers around an article which contains a photo of White having a beer with UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones with a caption that reads:

“Not only am I paying Bones to wear UFC logos on his walkout gear next weekend, I also placed a $500,000 bet that he’d beat Rashad. Oh sh*t. I guess I shouldn’t have said that out loud.”

At the time of publication the article with photo and caption were still posted on the site.

UFC attorney Donald J. Campbell of Las Vegas law firm Campbell & Williams commented on the accusations of gambling by Mr. White:

 “The claim that Mr. White would financially wager on the outcome of a UFC event is outrageous in the extreme. Indeed, in the verified complaint we are presently preparing for Mr. White’s signature upon his return from Abu Dhabi, Mr. White expressly states under oath that at no time in the history of his association with the UFC has he ever financially wagered on the outcome of a UFC event.”

According to Campbell, Nevada law requires a demand for retraction as the first step in the filing of a lawsuit seeking punitive damages against a party that has maliciously published defamatory statements. It is not yet known if the UFC plans to pursue legal action beyond the retraction.