UFC on Fuel TV 2 conference call with Jay Glazer and Fuel TV General Manager George Greenberg

On Tuesday Fuel TV held a conference call with UFC analyst and trainer Jay Glazer and George Greenberg, Fuel TV Executive Vice President and General Manager.

Since partnering with the UFC, the FOX-owned Fuel TV network saw the first quarter of 2012 become the most-watched quarter in network history. Fuel TV’s 18-49 demo is up over 100%, their prime time viewership is up over 200% and their late night 18-49 demo is up 275% compared to 2011.

In short, the UFC has been a resounding success for Fuel TV and this Saturday the UFC will hold its first fight card in Sweden (UFC on Fuel TV: Gustafsson vs. Silva) and the event will be broadcast LIVE on Fuel TV at 3 p.m. ET / 12 p.m. PT.

Glazer and Greenberg answered questions from the media regarding Saturday’s fight card and the enormous success of the UFC-Fuel TV partnership. Greenberg told ProMMAnow.com (www.prommanow.com) about his biggest surprise since working with the UFC:

(40:00 mark) “I think the thing that I thought would work out has, and that has been our seamless integration of production. This is the only league that’s allowed to produce their own events and their production standards are second to none. And we don’t hand the ball off to people to do that very easily and they have been absolutely amazing.

“Now when you do this there’s still a lot of coordination between production crews and we have a FUEL SWAT Team that handles the FX fights, that handles the FUEL fights and also coordinates with big FOX and they work as a unit with the UFC production team.

“And when you get 50 people together and 38 of them are on a headset and you need to communicate as one team and have everybody marching together, it usually takes a lot of time and coordination.

“I was really surprised, and you never take anything for granted in live TV because you never know what can happen, but the integration of these two crews was virtually seamless. And that’s because Lorenzo and Dana, if you need an answer, you’d get it in a second. If I need a production answer, I’d get it from Craig Borsari in a second.

“And there’s no time to waste and I think both of us had the same type of production sensibility and that for me was my greatest joy and the one for me was the biggest surprise at how easy it came together.”

Listen to the full UFC on Fuel TV conference call below:

UFC on Fuel TV 2 conference call: Glazer / Greenberg

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