The Federation of Amateur Mixed Martial Arts (FAMMA) has announced it will begin operation in April 2012 and will culminate with a World Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Championships in Las Vegas in Fall 2012.

The FAMMA World Championship will feature 12 weight divisions for male fighters and five weight divisions for female fighters. FAMMA executive Jack Cohen explained:

“Fighters from the entire world have been clamoring for such an event for years and the time seemed right to produce such an event. We saw a need, we have the passion, and we will provide the fighters–and the sport–a high level of events and presentation! We see the FAMMA World Championship as a stepping stone for fighters to achieve professional stardom.”

FAMMA is currently in the process of signing MMA promoters and MMA organizations worldwide to serve as FAMMA affiliates in their area to coordinate competitions in order to qualify fighters for the FAMMA World Championship.

The FAMMA World Championship will be accompanied by the FAMMA World Expo featuring hundreds of booths, exhibits, MMA merchandise and activities of interest to fans and fighters alike.

Those wishing to get involved as a fighter, promoter, affiliate or sponsor can visit the FAMMA website at or by emailing FAMMA directly at

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