( was recently invited to visit the set of UFC Tonight at the Fuel TV studios and we sent our L.A. correspondent and all-around wild man Dan “The Wolfman” Theodore to attend on our behalf.

Hopefully you already saw the video of “The Wolfman” taking over the UFC Tonight set, turning the tables on hosts Todd Harris and Kenny Florian and interviewing them. Now watch as “The Wolfman” sits down with veteran UFC cut-man Jacob “Stitch” Duran.

“Stitch” talks about the first UFC he worked and the first UFC fighters’ hands he wrapped. He talks about working with Josh Barnett in the Pride days and being an “insurance policy” for fighters to make sure he is there to patch them of if the need arises. “Stitch” also discusses the cut-man’s tools of the trade and much more.

Fight fans can follow “Stitch” on Twitter at @StitchDuran and follow “The Wolfman” at @DanTheWolfman1.

By Dan Theodore - Dan "The Wolfman" Theodore has been training in many different martial arts since 1986 and has been training with many of the best MMA fighters and grappling instructors around the world since 1997 including Dan Severn, Team Punishment, Tank Abbott, MFS, Saulo Ribeiro, Eddie Bravo, Gokor Chivichyan/Gene LeBell, and 3 months at Black House. Dan's advanced instructional videos on MMA, Combatives Self-Defense, Systema Applications, Catch Wrestling, and overall Grappling have gotten over 6 million views and counting. Dan has fought in MMA against the likes of UFC no.1 contenders Pancrase Champion Yuki Kondo and Jeremy Horn. and won 3 fights by first round submission. He's had two Kudo World Championships fights and a 1 Hour long 85% real Underground fight at Takada Dojo in Japan for the Pride President without knowing what was really going on or for how long! Also, many Advanced No Gi Grappling wins, most by submission, and 2 Gi BJJ wins. Currently Dan works in the Entertainment Industry as a Stuntman/Actor/Motion Capture Performer and has been involved with such projects as CSI: NY, Chuck, Sons of Anarchy, Real Steel, Couples Retreat and Metal Gear Rising. MMA DVD Packages are available on his website!

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