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Brian Imes is The Human Cockfighter

The whole world has gone crazy. Everybody wants to feel something. They take drugs to feel something. They endure plastic surgery for the chance to feel better about themselves. They go to therapy to have their feelings reinforced. Life is about doing, not about feeling. Stop feeling for yourself, and go do something.

After four years in this sport, I am becoming more and more aware of life’s harsh realities. Men do not feel. We work, love and fight what is close to us. We think logically and act strategically. It is our nature. Fighting is a natural act, and confidence is it’s tool. Without it a man’s blade is blunt and inaccurate, but with it, every man is his own weapon.

Those who lead humanity act on feelings. Those feelings are without discipline. Without discipline no person can progress. Our progress away from discipline has left most unaccountable. That accountability is what builds communities. Without communities, we are the subject of tyrants.

Why is it that the way to “get ahead” in this world is to fail? Whether in business or in the bedroom, people are failing left and right. The way to get ahead is to go along. Going along means failing to build your own business. Minding the business of others breaks down privacy and blurs moral boundaries.

I have done all sorts of work in my life, and if I’ve broke it, then I fixed it. The key in life is to work positively on yourself, so as to contribute something positive to your community. Yes, You Can.

Our lives are cluttered by regulators and collectors. Very little of the pie may be reserved for the home. With so much off the top, there is little to show for our work. Men should feel free to distribute their own earnings. Let a man be a man, and communities will thrive. Collective redistribution is legal theft, and undermines the backbone of free men. Mind y’own business.

Do you have faith in the people or the government? This is the crossroads of humanity. Will the people lead or will they be led? If our government is a reflection of our people, then we the people are without accountability and faith. Our government continues to grow because of a lack of faith amongst the people. Have faith in yourself and your neighbors, and your government will follow suit.

I will have spent the last month leading up to my fight, training with as many fighters as possible in the Kansas City area. I have had the pleasure to learn, not teach, while exercising my passion with some of our sport’s best. I am confident in those exchanges to strengthen not only my tools, but my trade. April 7th will be a good time, no matter what.

Check out Midwest Ultimate Cage Fights in Branson, Missouri at The Hilton Convention Center. Kim Couture, Jeri Sitzes, myself and several other Bellator veterans will fill the fight card. The Pint Sized Brawlers are even slated to entertain. Tommy Tran is putting on a show for his community.

People all across our country are becoming more aware of the corruption within our government. Our representatives have been pushing policies of fairness and failure for far too long. We are out of money, losing respect and running on borrowed time.

Many of us are educating ourselves about the dishonest leadership. Coupled with a simple calculator, it is not difficult to add up our demise. I will continue to work with my neighbors to expose the sin and bring to the table representatives that understand principles of liberty. Talk to your neighbors about an honest family practice doctor from Texas who has never taken from the taxpayer.

Educate them about his loyalty to family, country and principle. Remind them about his character and selfless leadership. He is the only business owner running for our executive office. He is the only military veteran running for our executive office. He is the only medical doctor running for our executive office. We are lucky to have his sacrifice. Thump a stranger.

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