FOX tells UFC’s Joe Rogan to ‘take it down a notch’

Remember when UFC color commentator Joe Rogan went way over the top with excitement after Tim Boetsch’s knockout of Yushin Okami? Some people compared it to an orgasm.

The dude gets excited. After all it is a fight, and the man is passionate about the sport. At least he comes off as genuine for the most part and doesn’t sound like some shill reading a teleprompter.

Rogan is part of the UFC fan experience. He’s a fixture. Just like Goldy, just like the classy Bruce Buffer. He’s part of the UFC’s DNA if you will; much like a Royce Gracie submission, a Matt Hughes slam or Joe Son’s nuts — you get the point.

Anyway, it seems now that the UFC has moved over more into the mainstream and signed on with FOX, someone over there wants Mr. Excitement to tone it down a bit. Rogan talked about it on his recent podcast:

“I’ve been doing the UFC for, you know, how long? F**king, who knows? 97′. It’s very rare does anyone say anything. But, once we started going on FOX, the producer actually had to tell me in my ear, the FOX executive was like, ‘Tell him to take it down a notch. Tell him to take it down.’

“When I get excited about something, the way I get excited about it’s natural and I’m pumping it up … but these [expletive] dummy executives — I’m not saying the Fox ones — I’m saying pretty much a huge percentage of the group of people that is in the producer position. A lot of them think that they are creative, they fancy themself to be creative.

“You can’t tell me how to deliver the way I deliver. I’ve been doing it forever, they either like it or they don’t. Most people like it. If you don’t, tough [expletive].

“If it doesn’t sound like your [expletive] baseball guys or your basketball guys, it’s not supposed to. You know? It’s not. It’s not supposed to. It’s a different [expletive] sport and that’s just the way I do it. If I was doing football I probably wouldn’t do it this way.”

Rogan addressed his comments from the podcast on Twitter early this morning:

“Also, in all fairness it was the first time the UFC aired on FOX and everyone was completely stressed out and trying to make the best show.”

The audio clip of Rogan talking about the incident on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast is posted below (NSFW).

4 thoughts on “FOX tells UFC’s Joe Rogan to ‘take it down a notch’”

  1. I’m glad Joe stood up to the vampire producer. Lord knows we don’t need the MMA to sound like Joe Buck and Mike Breen are calling it.

  2. True….somebody needs to whisper in his ear about his bias though….just watch Aldo/Hominick the first three rounds where Aldo was dominating Hominick…if you listened to just the commentary and not the fight…you’d swear Hominick was landing jabs and combo’s every other second…he seems to be getting worse about this as well….

  3. I’d disagree on getting worse. He’s been like this ever since I started to watch religiously. I’m just used to it now, and whenever he goes off course I tune him out.

    He’s still the best around IMO.

  4. Well if you don’t believe what he says… just look and research for yourself. There’s a lot more, and I mean A LOT more to drugs than just what you see on tv… All they show is drugs used as an escape, and being addicted.

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