‘UFC Tonight’ show notes – 3/20/12


Guest Analysts Sonnen and Hughes Discuss Upcoming Title Fights, Hughes Talks Comeback, Plus The Top 5 KO’s of 2012

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LOS ANGELES, CA – In this week’s “UFC Tonight,” host Todd Harris is joined by Guest Analyst and Number One Middleweight Contender Chael Sonnen and UFC Hall of Famer Matt Hughes, who breakdown the upcoming title fights. We also reveal our top five KO’s of 2012 so far and Hughes responds to Dan Hardy calling him a “blood thirsty kill freak.”

Ultimate Quote: “UFC Tonight” Guest Analyst Matt Hughes on a possible comeback: “I’m at a crossroads between fighting another fight or retirement.”

Hughes on when he’ll make a decision on a comeback: “Soon. I’m 38, and I keep getting older and the fighters keep staying the same age. I wanted the Fall and Spring off, and now it’s time to talk with DW [Dana White].”

Hughes on who he’d like to fight if he came back? “I don’t get to decide my own fights. Dana White and the UFC does. I don’t know who it would be. I’d love to fight someone who already beat me.”

Hughes on what’s coming up after fighting: “My family, four kids, and lots of family time. I’ll be working on the farm and raising the family.”

Hughes on Dan Hardy calling him out: “He has a fight coming up and he’s worried about me? He hasn’t looked that good in his last few fights. He should worry about that.”

“UFC Tonight” Guest Analyst Chael Sonnen on Jones vs. Evans: “I couldn’t do the commentary on a Jones fight because I don’t know all his moves. Rashad has done everything that Jones has done and that gives him an advantage.”

Hughes on Jones vs. Evans: “Rashad has worked out with Jones and knows his weaknesses and will know how to beat him.”

Sonnen on dos Santos vs. Overeem: “dos Santos means two saints and I’m a Catholic. Alistair sounds like someone who should be teaching at Harvard. I’m going with dos Santos.”

Hughes on Edgar vs. Henderson rematch: “Frankie had to give rematches to both Penn and Maynard, so I think Frankie brought in a great point and he should get the rematch. too.”

Sonnen on Edgar vs. Henderson rematch: “I don’t care who these guys fight as long as it’s not me! There are so many great fighters in that weight class. Those guys are so good, it’ll be a great fight.”

Sonnen on Pettis going down a weight class: “Pettis beat Henderson in the WEC days. Pettis was rumored to be going down a weight class. But if you’ve already beat the current champ, you don’t have to go down a weight class.”

“UFC Tonight” Insider Ariel Helwani on the change of Alexander Gustafsson’s opponent: “He’s very happy about the change. Thiago [Silva] is a tougher opponent than he had before and a win in Gustafsson’s home country will put him right in the thick of things at 205.”

Helwani on Rich Franklin’s next fight at 185: “I talked to the UFC and at this point in Rich Franklin’s career, he’s interested in interesting fights, and it could be at 205, 195, or 185. So he’s decided to fight at 185 against Cung Le. But this doesn’t mean his days fighting at 205 are over.”

Sonnen on the reality of his upcoming fight with Anderson Silva: “I believe I have the fight. I believe it’ll happen in June. But I still don’t have a contract. But the ‘Countdown’ show is scheduled to come out to my home in two days, so I guess something is going to happen.”

Hughes on who he thinks can beat GSP: “GSP is tough. I don’t think anyone could do it. GSP could bump up a weight class and fight Anderson Silva.”

Sonnen on if Condit should wait to fight GSP: “I never like to see a guy wait. I know they say that they don’t want to lose the opportunity to fight the title fight. But if you’re the right guy, you can take fights and beat the other guys, then do the title fight.”

Hughes on if Condit should wait to fight GSP: “If he needs the paycheck he should do it. If he wants to wait for the title shot, he’s earned it. Let him wait.”

Hughes on who should be the next UFC Hall of Fame member: “I believe people should be retired before they go in. So I’m going old school and going to say Don Frye.”

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