Hardrock MMA 45 results and play-by-play

Hardrock MMA 45 took place Saturday night in the derby city of Louisville, Ky. at the Triple Crown Pavilion. A great crowd was on hand as ProMMAnow.com (www.prommanow.com) sat cage side to bring you all the event results and play by of the three amateur title fights and the two professional battles on the card.

In the co-main event The Ultimate Fighter Season 14 contestant and local star B.J. Ferguson tries to notch another win as he takes on Latral Perdue. And in the main event, we have Miletich Fighting Systems road warrior Sean Huffman stepping into the cage against Louisville MMA’s John Troyer.

Fifteen fights have cleared the Kentucky Boxing and Wrestling Authority with veteran referee of the UFC,  Strikeforce, K-1 and fresh from Friday night’s Bellator event, Gary Copeland.

Hardrock MMA 45 quick results:

  • Fight 1: William Meyers defeats Antonio Rodriguez, 2:14 Round 1 TKO (Strikes)
  • Fight 2: John Lohdon defeats Orlando Rodriguez, 2:43 Round 1 via Submission(Darce Choke)
  • Fight 3: Zach Michael defeats Roger Cross, 00:40 Round 1 via Knockout
  • Fight 4: James Reed defeats TC Coleman,  2:56 Round 1 via Submission (Rear Naked Choke)
  • Fight 5:  Eugene Perrin defeats Reggie Merriweather, 2:55 Round 1 via Submission (Triangle Choke)
  • Fight 6: Pete Prather defeats Andre Rodrigues, 00:50 Round 1 via Submission (Standing Guillotine)
  • Fight 7: Billy Poe defeats Charles Dove Jr via Unanimous Decision
  • Fight 8: Will Duffy defeats Michael Gay, 1:50 Round 1 via Submission (Keylock)
  • Fight 9: Josh Dominguez defeats Matt Egner via Unanimous Decision
  • Fight 10: Chris Dunn defeats Isiac Franks – Hardrock MMA Featherweight Championship
  • Fight 11: Cody Bruce defeats Robert Bennett, 1:03 Round 3 via Submission(Armbar)
  • Fight 12: Deon Spalding defeats Josh Walker via TKO, 5:00 Round 1  (Walker cannot answer bell)
  • Fight 13: BJ Ferguson defeats Latral Perdue, 3:35 Round 1 via Submission (Rear Naked Choke)
  • Fight 14: John Troyer defeats Sean Huffman, 2:06 Round 2 via Submission (Rear Naked Choke)

Hardrock MMA 45 play-by-play:

Chris Dunn vs. Isiac Franks

Round 1: Fighters touch gloves and bounce around. Franks charges Dunn but Dunn locks him up and takes him down. Franks holds Dunn with wrist control but  Dunn is able to roll and get the back. Dunn works a choke attempt but Franks works out of it. Dunn regains control of the back and flattens Isiac out. He gets the rear naked choke in. Franks shows strength when he breaks the choke . Dunn ends up in Franks guard.  Franks gets posture and is able to reverse to the top but the round ends.

Round 2: Frank throws a weak kick and misses. Fighters circle around and Isiac lands a solid kick. He is able to get Dunn to the mat. It stays there as Dunn takes top position and works some body shots but the round ends with not much action.

Round 3: Both fighters cautious of a takedown. Franks throws a hay maker but misses. Franks gets a takedown but Dunn gets top position. Dunn gets to the mount and hits several big shots. As Franks rolls out Dunn locks in a rear naked choke.

Chris Dunn defeats Isiac Franks, 1:05 Round 3 via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) Dunn is the new Hardrock MMA Featherweight Champion

Robert Bennett vs Cody Bruce (c) – Interim Middleweight Title

Round 1: Bruce comes out and lands a big right hand that knocks Bennett across the cage. A few leg kicks by Bruce and the fighters clinch against the cage. Bruce lands 2 knees  fast.  Bennett throws some body shots. Bruce comes out of the clinch with a big knee.  Both guys throw heavy leather. Bruce gets a take down with ease. From top position he lands several shots to the midsection. The round ends with Bruce on top.

Round 2: Bennet throws a lazy kick and Bruce punishes him with a straight right that knocks him down. Bennett holds Cody down and limits his shots. Bruce gets into mount and throws some punches from the top. Bennett cannot escape. The fighters stand each other up. Bruce shoots and gets another take down. Bennett is thinking about a triangle attempt but the round ends

Round 3: Bennett throws  a leg kick and Bruce shoots for the take down. Bruce works for and gets the armbar locked in. Bennett taps.

Cody Bruce defeats Robert Bennett, 1:03 Round 3 via Submission(Armbar). Bruce retains the interim Hardrock MMA Middleweight Championship.

Deon Spalding vs Josh Walker (c) – Light Heavyweight Title

Round 1: Spalding comes out rushing Walkers but can’t get the takedown. He sticks to the leg and is able to get it fairly quickly. Deon gets the top position and works to side control. He works for just a few and both fighters get to the feet. Spalding forces Walkers to the cage and they clinch. Not much work. Walker tries a guillotine but it’s not working Spalding gets the take down and works some body shots. The round ends with Spalding on top

Round 2 : Walker approaches ref Gary Copeland. He cannot continue but is not injured?

Deon Spalding defeats Josh Walker via TKO (Walker cannot answer the bell)

Latral Perdue vs BJ Ferguson – Professional Bantamweight Fight

Round 1: Perdue comes out with a leg kick.  Both fighters circle around the cage. Ferguson lands a big slam that gets the crowd to the feet.  Perdue gets to his feet and Ferguson puts him against the cage. Perdue looks for an escape but can’t. Ferguson throws some knees to the thigh of Latral. Ferguson again picks up Perdue and his fall is softened by the cage. Ferguson gets the back of Perdue and he sinks in a rear naked choke. After a few seconds Perdue taps and Ferguson claims another victory.

BJ Ferguson defeats Latral Perdue, 3:35 Round 1 via Submission (Rear Naked Choke)

John Troyer vs Sean Huffman – Professional Middleweight Fight

Round 1: Fighters touch gloves and Huffman throws a big leg kick but doesn’t land. Tries again and Troyer checks it. Huffman pushes Troyer against the cage. Sean is able to momentarily drop Troyer but he is right back up.  Huffman throws a big left as they break. Troyer looks like he wants to box as he throws a combination and puts Huffman on his heels. John charges and lands several big shots. As the get to the middle of the cage Troyer inadvertently kicks Huffman in the groin. After a short recovery period.  Troyer lands a takedown and gets the back of Huffman. He locks in a rear naked choke but Huffman escapes. Troyer lands an elbow to the ribs of Huffman. Huffman is able to reverse position and looks for side control. Huffman works from the top but not much damage inflicted. Round ends with Huffman looking for an elbow.

Round 2:  Huffman stalks Troyer with no action though. Both guys standing in front of each other. Troyer throws a couple of punches that seem to soften Huffman up. He lands several big shots. Huffman is dropped and Troyer chases him down. He connects with heavy elbows. Troyer is able to work for position and takes Huffman’s back. He locks in the choke that finishes the fight. Huffman taps.

John Troyer defeats Sean Huffman, 2:06 Round 2 via Submission (Rear Naked Choke)

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