Dana White: “Johnson vs. McCall Fight Not Scored Properly, Commission Takes Responsibility.”


Sonnen on Alves’: “You have to be a real boob to get caught at the end of a fight like that.”


The following are quotes from the “UFC Postfight Show on FUEL TV” about UFC ON FX: ALVES VS KAMPMANN Jay Glazer hosted the show, with analysis from UFC Middleweight No. 1 Contender Chael Sonnen and UFC Vet Stephan BonnarMolly Qerim conducted exclusive postfight interviews backstage. Here’s some of what was said:


“UFC Postfight Show on FUEL TV” Analyst Chael Sonnen on Alves vs. Kampmann:  “A great fight is when we go back and forth about who is going to win during the action, and that’s what happened tonight.”


Sonnen on Alves vs. Kampmann: “Thiago was dominating this fight. I could never imagine dominating a fight and then getting beat.”


Sonnen on Alves: “Even in defeat Alves looks great.”


“UFC Postfight Show on FUEL TV” Analyst Stephan Bonnar on Alves vs. Kampmann: ”It was a great fight. They don’t just kick, they don’t just wrestle, they do a little bit of everything and that is what we saw here. Yes, Kapmann was in big trouble and he found a way out. It’s easier  to choke somebody out in the third round.”


Sonnen on Alves’ tapout: “There is nobody else more surprised that he [Thiago] tapped out, more than Martin Kapmann. I think Martin will tell you himself, he didn’t have that choke. You have to be a real boob to get caught at the end of the fight like that.”


Bonnar on Alves: “In the first round, I saw the power and velocity coming off the strikes of Thiago Alves, but by the third round it wasn’t the same. He still hit hard but he lost it a little bit.”


Bonnar on Benavidez vs. Urushitan: ”Yasuhiro Urushitan actually impressed me this fight, because I thought he would get blown out of the water and he actually hung with Joseph for the first three minutes of the fight.”


Sonnen on Benavidez vs. Urushitan: “Joseph Benavidez looked really good tonight. I think his opponent came out a little stronger than a lot of us had anticipated. Joseph did what he needed to do to move onto the finals.”         


“UFC Postfight Show on FUEL TV” Host Jay Glazer on Benavidez: “He trains with guys like Faber. He is a guy who was already powerful at 35, but coming down to 25, he changed his body a little bit, his body is a little different, but has that kind of power at 125.


Sonnen on Benavidez: “He is accurate, he is compact, he is fast and when you mix these things together, it’s really the total package.”


“UFC Postfight Show on FUEL TV” Insider Molly Qerim asked Benavidez about his performance: “I told everyone I was going to bring power to this division, because even at 35, I would hit people and rock them all the time, but they just wouldn’t quite go down. I think now at 25, I am going to hit people and that’s just a sign to come, they are going to go down.”


Sonnen on Johnson vs. McCall (Statement made prior to re-match announcement):“McCall was looking for the finish, he knew he was in a dog fight, he knew it was close. He had a legitimate opportunity to finish the fight and instead he spent 3-4 seconds yelling to the crowd. He could have landed 8, 9, 10 punches and we wouldn’t even be having this discussion. That was an amateur move.”


McCall on the fight and entertaining the fans: “That’s the main thing in the business; you have you entertain the fans. I didn’t do that obviously. I am just honored to be a part of this.”


Bonnar commenting on McCall entertaining the fans: “I am a big Bruce Lee fan and fighting is the art of expressing yourself. You go in there and express yourself through fighting.”


Sonnan commenting on McCall entertaining the fans: “Here is the bottom line. If you want to be in the entertainment business, go get your promoter’s license and start putting on shows. That’s what Dana White’s job is – is to entertain. Your job as a competitor is to get your hand raised and that’s it.”


UFC President Dana White on: “Fortunately, controversy has stuck to us like glue lately. These things happen. Human error happens. The Johnson vs. McCall fight was not scored properly. The fight was a draw and in the case of a draw, the fight is supposed to go to a fourth round. I don’t even know what to say. The commission has taken responsibility.”


“UFC Postfight Show on FUEL TV” Host Jay Glazer on reports on Johnson vs. McCall judging error: “There will be a re-match. I am being told they will fight again and the winner of that will fight Benavidez.”


Qerim asked Johnson about facing Benavidez: “I think we match up pretty well. I think I have the speed advantage, I want to make sure when I come back my hand is a lot faster. I am going to work on the stuff I made mistakes on in this fight. I am going to come back 110% and more mature.”

Qerim asked McCall about his loss: “I thought the third round was mine.”


Bonnar on McGee vs. Philippou: “I am most surprised with Philippou’s take down defense. The guy has never wrestled before and he has some strong hips.”


Sonnen on Philippou: “Philippou is clearly finding his stride in this sport. He kind of had a coming out party when he took on Rivera and it’s only gotten better. This guy is the real deal.”


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