COLUMBUS, Ohio — Ronda Rousey, new Strikeforce women’s bantamweight champ, with her new belt over her shoulder, spoke with‘s ( Brian Furby from the Gaspari booth at the 2012 Arnold Sports Festival on Sunday about her first round armbar submission of Miesha Tate in the main event Saturday night LIVE on Showtime.

Rousey talked about what it felt like to finally go past the one minute mark in a fight and get some more cage time in. She gave her thoughts on the Sarah Kaufman vs. Alexis Davis fight, their performances and her willingness to face Kaufman in her first title defense.┬áRousey talked about the significance of having the legend “Judo” Gene Lebell in her corner, and also explained why she will never wear “short-shorts” again in a fight.

Finally, Rousey explained why she started using Gaspari Nutrition supplements, the difference it made in her physique and how it helped her with her weight cut to 135 pounds. Follow Ronda on Twitter at @RondaRousey.

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4 thoughts on “ talks with new Strikeforce women’s 135 champ Ronda Rousey”
  1. Ronda Rousey you were classless in victory. You have grown overly confident and your days as champion are numbered.

  2. She speaks her mind man. She doesn’t hold back on her opinion, and her opinion is that Miesha was classless in calling for the commission to penalize her (I think it was just a ploy, and she’s overreacting but I’m not Ronda).

    As to her days being numbered, there is no woman in the world outside of Cyborg that would be a favorite against her.

  3. Question for Rahdi: I just saw the payroll figures on SF’s show. Obviously there is probably some backroom pay missing, and things of that nature.

    But, since you performed spectactularly in a main event, is now the champion, and was a headliner on a show that seemed to perform decently. Do you guys plan on renegotiating her contract?

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