UFC on FX 2 LIVE results and play-by-play

SYDNEY — “UFC on FX 2: Alves vs. Kampmann“ takes place this evening at Allphones Arena in Sydney, Australia. Welterweight contenders Martin Kampmann and Thiago Alves square off in the main event LIVE on FX , with the first fight on the main card starting at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT. The preliminary card airs LIVE on Fuel TV starting at 6 p.m. ET/3 p.m. PT, with one fight streaming LIVE on Facebook at .

Tonight’s UFC on FX 2 main card also features the semifinal round of the first ever UFC flyweight tournament with Joseph Benavidez taking on Yasuhiro Urushitani and Demetrious Johnson vs. Ian McCall. It will also serve as the debut for the UFC’s flyweight division (125 pounds).

ProMMAnow.com (www.prommanow.com) will provide LIVE results and play-by-play commentary throughout the evening. Also, be sure to watch the UFC on FX 2 post-fight press conference  LIVE stream in our UFC Room immediately after tonight’s fights.

UFC on FX 2 quick result:


  • Martin Kampmann def. Thiago Alves by submission (guillotine choke) Rd 3 (4:12)
  • Joseph Benavidez def. Yasuhiro Urushitani by TKO (punches) Rd 2 (:11)
  • Demetrious Johnson vs. Ian McCall ruled a draw (fight originally ruled split decision but commission made mistake)
  • Constantinos Philippou def. Court McGee by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)


  • James Te Huna def. Aaron Rosa by TKO (punches) Rd 1 (2:08)
  • Anthony Perosh def. Nick Penner by TKO (punches) Rd 1 (4:59)
  • Steven Siler def. Cole Miller by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
  • Andrew Craig def. Kyle Noke by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
  • T.J. Waldburger def. Jake Hecht by submission (armbar) Rd 1 (:55)
  • Daniel Pineda def. Mackens Semerzier by submission (armbar) Rd 1 (2:05)


  • Shawn Jordan def. Oli Thompson by TKO (strikes) Rd 2 (1:07)

UFC on FX 2 play-by-play:

(145) Daniel Pineda vs. Mackens Semerzier

Round 1 – (@DanielPitPineda) (@MackDamenaceMMA) Leg kick from Mackens, inside. Pineda backs him up with punches, clinch against the cage. Knee exchange, they reset in the center. Knee from Mackens, countered from Pineda by punches. Knee to the body from Mackens. Left jab from Pineda, takes a kick to the groin in return.  Big leg kick from Pineda. Beautiful left hook drops Mackens. They scramble and Pineda locks on a triangle, turns it into an armbar while still holding a triangle with his legs around Machens’ head and neck. Pineda cranks it, pushes up his hips and Mackens taps out.

OFFICIAL RESULT – Daniel Pineda def. Mackens Semerzier by submission (armbar) Rd 1 (2:05)

(170) T.J. Waldburger vs. Jake Hecht

Round 1 – (@TJWaldburger) (@JakeHechtUFC) Big leg kick from Hecht and a left hook from Waldburger. Waldburger gets the takedown. Hecht tries to get up but Waldburger jumps onto an armbar, they scramble, Hecht tries to escape, rolls over, but Waldburger keeps it locked rolls face down and over, cranks it and Hecht taps out to save his arm.

OFFICIAL RESULT: T.J. Waldburger def. Jake Hecht by submission (armbar) Rd 1 (:55)

(185) Kyle Noke vs. Andrew Craig

Round 1 – (@KyleNoke) (@andybcraig) This is Craig’s UFC debut. Leg kick from Noke, shoots and puts Craig down. Craig gets to one knee. Noke jumps on his back and this crowd goes crazy. Looks for the choke, Craig stands and Noke puts his feet on the ground while holding him from behind, drags him down. Noke goes for the choke. Craig gets full guard, they scramble and then it’s back to the feet. They square off and exchange some strikes. Craig clips Noke with a left hook but he seems okay. Body kick from Noke, followed by a front kick, Superman punch and a head kick returned by Craig. PMN scores the round 10-9 for Noke.

Round 2 – Leg kick from Noke. Inside leg kick. Craig lands a couple nice punches, including a nice right. Lead left from Noke, jab, he shoots for a high single. Craig bangs the side of his head with elbows and Craig pushes him to the ground and ends up on top inside guard. Craig lands some elbows and punches and seems to be turning the tide. Noke throws up his legs looking for a triangle. Craig defends and goes back to dropping elbows and punches. Nothing too big. Noke pushes him off with his feet and Craig lets him up. Nice punch combo from Noke, then a body kick. He either gets countered or slips and ends up on his back and Craig is on top in half guard landing strikes as the bell sounds. PMN scores the round 10-9 for Craig.

Round 3 – Leg kick from Noke. Axe kick from Noke misses. Body shot from Craig. Front kick from Noke. Craig counters with a punch, Noke falls to his butt. Gets up. Craig counters with a solid one two. Noke shoots, stuffed. Exchange strikes, Craig shoots, stuffed. Noke with a leg kick, shoots for a single, Craig defends, gets an underhook but Noke stays relentless and puts him down. Craig uses the cage to get up and they reset in the center. Exchange punches, high kick from Craig. Counter left from Craig. Left jab from Noke. Craig’s hair looking like Clay Guida, all in his face. Pace has slowed a bit, just in time for Craig to explode with a power double takedown. Craig landing some shots as Noke tries to use his back with the cage to get up. Craig finishes out the round on top landing strikes. PMN scores the round 10-9 and 29-28 for Andrew Craig.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Andrew Craig def. Kyle Noke by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28) Rd 3 (5:00)

(145) Cole Miller vs. Steven Siler

Round 1 – (@colemilleratt) (@Stevesiler) Cole Miller’s first fight at featherweight since 2006. Steven Siler was ProMMAnow.com’s TUF 14 blogger. Miller does not like Siler. Siler holds a win over Miller’s brother and Cole wants to avenge the submission loss. Inside leg kick from Miller. One two and two outside leg kicks from Siler. Miller ties him up, turns him to the cage. Knee from Siler and a right. Nice leg kick from Siler. He catches a kick and drops Miller with a right. Catches another leg and lands a right. Miller with a straight left. Leg kick inside. Outside leg kick from Siler, body kick. Nice counter right from Miller. Right from Siler, big leg kick. Body jab from Miller, then a nice one two. They tie up. Siler backs out. One two as Miller covers up. Nice right from Miller but Siler eats and and fires back immediately with a combo. Nice outside leg kick from Miller buckles the leg. Siler backing Miller up, right hook. One two, they tie up. Siler with a body lock, lets it go. Body punch from Miller, right counter from Siler as he backs Miller up, lands a nice uppercut and Miller retreats after getting rocked. Miller shoots and ends up on his back in a guillotine. Siler lets it go just before the bell. PMN scores the round 10-9 for “Super” Steven Siler — big round and a big fight for the TUF 14 veteran.

Round 2 – Miller just did not look like himself so far in that first round. And Siler looked very good. Nice leg kick from Siler. Siler shoots, stuffed. He pours on the heat with several punches that puts Miller in retreat. They tie up, Miller pushes him to the cage. They seem to be talking. They wrestle while standing, MIller trips Siler but he bounces right up back in the clinch. Both land some nice shots. Siler backs out, lands three stiff left jabs, a one two, bidy shot, right hand. Miller retreats. Uppercut from Miller, overhand right. Siler gets tagged with a nice combo but Siler fires back with a big hook to the body. Siler ducks and dodges some punches and lands a nice counter. Nice right hook to the body. One two three from Miller. One two from Siler. Big right to the body from Siler. One two backs Miller up. Two more from Siler. They tie up, Cole’s back to the cage. He turns Siler to the cage with 30 seconds left. Left hand from Siler, they tie up again. Miller drops levels, eats a right. Miller backs out before the bell. PMN scores the round 10-9 for Siler.

Round 3 – This weight cut may have had a negative effect on Miller. He was already such a skinny guy. Siler has landed about twice the number of strikes in the fight so far. Nice kick to the chin from Miller. Siler fires off some punches as Miller ducks. Nice right to the body from Siler. Miller retreats. One two from Siler. Body kick from Miller. Nice right to the body from Siler. One two from Miller. Another big right to the gut from Siler. Then a right to the head. Nice left from Siler. Miller lands a right. Siler with a one two three as Miller covers up. Siler shoots, stuffed. Inside leg kick from Miller, left hook. Left to the body, left upstairs from Miller. Front kick. Collar tie from Miller. Siler pushes him off, they reset. Siler swings big as Miller moves away. Nice jab from Miller that opens up Siler’s nose. Right behind the head from Siler. Miller ties him up against the cage. Knees to the thighs and shoulder strikes from Miller. He drags Siler down and gets full mount. Lands some big punches, they scramble, Siler recovers guard. PMN scores the round 10-9 for Miller but scores the fight 29-28 for Siler.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Steven Siler def. Cole Miller by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28) Rd 3 (5:00)

(205) Anthony Perosh vs. Nick Penner

Round 1 – (@AnthonyPerosh) (@nickpenner) Penner is a 31 year old Canadian, this is his UFC debut. Perosh is a 39 year old Aussie. Right from Perosh. Another right, he tries to tie up but Penner pushes him away. Big left from Penner. Perosh trying to set up a shot. Penner has a big mouse under his left eye. Perosh gets a body lock takedown. Penner with full guard, sweeps, stands up. Perosh is up. Penner bleeding out of that mouse under his left eye now. Penner pushes Perosh back not wanting to clinch. Perosh pushes him to the cage with an under over. Penner turns him around with two minutes left. Perosh turns him around, knees to the thighs. Knee to the body as Penner backs out to the center. Perosh looks for a single, turns the corner and puts Penner on his back, dropping some elbows, moves to mount and the crowd explodes. Big punches from Perosh from full mount. Penner covers up but Perosh turns up the heat, looks for a head/arm choke. Penner defends it and covers up as Perosh unloads punches. Ref stops it at the 4:59 mark. Veteran UFC fans will know Perosh’s friend and business partner Elvis Sinosic; they own a gym together. When the UFC fist went to Australia, Elvis had to pull out and Perosh stepped in for him at the last minute.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Anthony Perosh def. Nick Penner by TKO (punches) Rd 1 (4:59)

(205) James Te Huna vs. Aaron Rosa

Round 1 – (@JamesTeHuna) (@AaronRosaMMA) Leg kick from Te Huna. Big punch combo from Te Huna, lands a mean uppercut. They tie up. Body shots from Rosa. Big uppercut and combo from Te Huna, they tie up and Te Huna rocks Rosa with big punches. Rosa is in trouble and his face is bleeding badly. He is taking huge shots, he folds and Te Huna pours it on until the ref finally stops it. Brutal brutal beatdown by James Te Huna.

OFFICIAL RESULT: James Te Huna def. Aaron Rosa by TKO (punches) Rd 1 (2:08)

(185) Court McGee vs. Constantinos Philippou

Round 1 – (@Court_McGee) Right from McGee as he tries to walk down Philippou. Philippou lands a nice left and big uppercut that backs up McGee who throws a body kick. Body kick from McGee is blocked and countered by a right. Body kick from McGee blocked. Uppercut and a right from Philippou. Inside leg kick from McGee. Right to the body from Philippou. Left hook. Left hook and a straight right snaps McGee’s head back. Jab jab shoot, from McGee, pushed aside. Philippou blocks a high kick. Leg kick, shoots, stuffed. Left hook from McGee. Right hook from McGee, left hook staggers Philippou who tries to fire back just before the bell. Philippou’s corner said McGee has a good beard. PMN scores the round 10-9 for McGee. Philippou’s corner thinks he won the round, I do not because McGee landed the bigger shots.

Round 2 – Left hook from Philippou stuns McGee momentarily. Left hook from Philippou just clips McGee. One two from Philippou and a big right behind the head. Nice jab. High kick from McGee is checked. Philippou using good lateral movement. McGee gets a body lock, can’t get the takedown. Left hook from Philippou, then a right. Left kick to the body from McGee. McGee shoots, stuffed. Philippou lands a nice uppercut. They tie up. Body shots from McGee and Philippou gets out. Left jab from McGee, then a body kick. Philippou lands a nice counter. Uppercut from Philippou.Teep kick from McGee. Left hook and a uppercut from Philippou scores. McGee shoots, stuffed. Ten seconds to go and they swing big. PMN scores the round 10-9 for Philippou.

Round 3 – Left hook from Philippou. McGee looks for a shot, stuffed. McGee gets clipped coming in. McGee puts on the pressure, lands a right. McGee lands an accidental kick to the groin. Brief timeout called. McGee shoots, stuffed, but picks Philippou up for a slam but he bounces right up. Right from Philippou scores as he counters a kick. Flying knee from McGee just misses the mark. High kick from McGee. One two three. Big left counter from Philippou, nice right. Wheel kick from McGee misses. Spinning elbow from McGee misses. Philippou’s movement and boxing is out-performing McGee. Big leg kick from Philippou. McGee looking desperate. Shoots, stuffed. Less than a minute to go. McGee pressing forward, body kick. Shoots, stuffed. Spinning elbow from McGee misses.  PMN scores the round 10-9 for Philippou and the fight 29-28 for Philippou.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Constantinos Philippou def. Court McGee by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28) Rd 3 (5:00)

UFC Flyweight Championship Tournament Semifinal

(125) Demetrious Johnson vs. Ian McCall

Round 1 – (@MightyMouseUFC) (@Unclecreepymma) Don’t blink fellas. Touch gloves. Inside leg kick from Mighty Mouse. Outside leg kick. Again. Lands a right or two. So fast. McCall ties him up with underhooks and puts Johnson on his back, beautiful. Used an inside trip. McCall in half guard, almost mount. Johnson is able to reverse and ends up back to his feet. Nice right from Johnson. McCall ties him up, lands a knee. Johnson backs out, leg kick. Left hand from McCall. Misses a leg kick. McCall catches a kick and sweeps the back leg. Lands an elbow. Back up, knee from Johnson, elbow. This may be the fastest fight in MMA history. They trade shots. Spinning back kick from Johnson. Left jab. McCall warming up. He rocks McCall with a big left after abandoning a takedown attempt. They trade combos. Big left from Johnson. Inside leg kick from McCall. High kick from Johnson is checked. Awesome fight. PMN scores it 10-9 Johnson.

Round 2 – Leg kick from Johnson. He grabs a single, lets it go and lands some punches, McCall backs him up with his own punches. Leg kick from McCall. Big leg kick from McCall. Right from Johnson. Left right from Johnson. His footwork is amazing. McCall stuns him with a punch, then lands a kick to the groin that halts the action. Timeout. Touch gloves. Tie up, knee and a punch. Body kick from Johnson. Inside leg kick. They swing haymakers, both connecting. Inside leg kick from Johnson. Again. Leg kick from McCall. Johnson with a leg kick. McCall looks for a leg, lands some knees. Johnson changes levels, eats a knee or two. Trade leg kicks. Right hand from Johnson. High kick from McCall. Tie up, knee to the body from McCall. Johnson gets out of there. Big body kick from Johnson. Left hand from Johnson. McCall gets a trip takedown but Johnson pops up, presses him to the cage. Knee and an elbow from Johnson. Very close round. I think Johnson probably got it though for a 10-9.

Round 3 – This needs to be a five rounder. Trade leg kicks. Big leg kick from McCall. Leg kick from McCall. McCall stops momentarily from what he thought was a low blow and Johnson hits him with a one two and McCall continues to fight. Leg kick and jumping knee from Johnson. McCall catches the knee and puts him on his back, two big elbows from McCall. Hammerfist and punches from McCall and Johnson scrambles to his feet. McCall ducks a punch combo, gets a body lock, slams him. Takes Johnson’s back, stretches him out with big punches, elbows, hammerfists. We’ve never seen Johnson in trouble like this. This is the most dominant we’ve seen anyone in the fight. Johnson gets up and McCall tries to slam him again but the Mighty Mouse lands on his feet. Front kick from Johnson. McCall goes for a takedown, Johnson gets free momentarily. Ian goes for a guillotine. Lets it go but ends up on top of Johnson in full mount and is landing some nice shots. McCall is landing huge huge punches and pounds away until the bell sounds. Huge finish. I give him a 10-8 and a tie for the fight==========sudden death!!!!! that’s where I feel it should go! By the way check our staff picks…I did pick McCall.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Demetrious Johnson vs. Ian McCall is ruled a draw Rd 3 (5:00)

SPECIAL NOTE: This fight was originally ruled a split decision win for Johnson (28-29, 29-28, 29-28) however it was announced at the post-fight presser the commission made a mistake and Johnson and McCall will have to rematch sometime later this year.

The crowd boos very loudly. They have to cut the sound because they are chanting “Bullsh**”.

UFC Flyweight Championship Tournament Semifinal

(125) Joseph Benavidez vs. Yasuhiro Urushitani

Round 1 – (@JoeJitsu) Leg kick from Joe. Leg kick from Joe. Leg kick from Urushitani, Joe counters with a right hand. Right hand again. Right and left kicks back Urushitani up. Right hook from Urushitani as he retreats. Joe pushes him to the cage, knees to the thigh. Joe swings him to the ground, lands a knee on the way up. Body kick on the break. Joe swing, pushes him to the cage, knee to the body, drops levels for a single, tries to lift him up but Urushitani keeps grounded, Joe just pushes him over and lands in side control. Ref calls for action. Elbow from Joe B. Moves to side control. Urushitani regains half guard. Joe goes to full mount, Urushitanit gives up his back.  Joe looking for the rear naked choke but time is running out and is saved by the bell. PMN scores the round 10-9 for Benavidez.

Round 2 – Benavidez drops Urushitani in what appears to be slow motion with a big right hook counter. Benavidez jumps on him and finishes him off with punches. Joe B. moves on and will fight Demetrious Johnson for the inaugural UFC flyweight title. And I have to say this…. Ian McCall BETTER GET THE FIRST SHOT!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Joseph Benavidez def. Yasuhiro Urushitani by TKO (punches) Rd 2 (:11)

(170) Thiago Alves vs. Martin Kampmann

Round 1 – (@thiagoAlvesATT) (@MartinKampmann) Something tells me this won’t go the distance. Right hand, leg kick from Alves, another big leg kick from Alves. Right and uppercut from Kampmann, shoots for a single, presses Alves to the cage. Gets Alves down briefly but he’s out and up. Right hand from Kampmann and a front kick to the jaw hurts Alves. He puts Alves down.But he gets back up and clears the cobwebs. Kampmann checks a leg kick. Clinch, knees from Kampmann to the body. Kampmann shoots, stuffed. Alves trips Kampmann to the canvas and is on top inside full guard. Kampmann  shrimping, Alves moves to side control. Kampmann recovers half guard. Alves gets full mount and is smothering him, flattened out. Alves has his legs locked underneath Kampmann. Less than 30 seconds remaining. Small punches from Alves as he postures up for some shots but as soon as he does Kampmann escapes to his feet. Close close round. PMN scores it 10-10.

Round 2 – Kampmann blocks a high kick. They tie up, knee from Kampmann. Alves backs out. Kampmann shoots with no set up, pushed aside. Nice right from Alves while backing up. Alves lands a combo, then a nice left hook. Short uppercut from Kampmann. Left from Alves as they trade in the pocket. Left from Alves, then another combo. Kampmann shoots, pushes Alves to the cage. Alves escapes. Leg kick from Alves. Another big one. Under two minutes to go. Inside leg kick. Big right from Alves snaps Kampmann’s head back. Alves blocks a head kick. Lands a left hook and a right. Kampmann with a one two and a knee that lands to the face. He backs Alves to the cage. Looks for the single. Time out. PMN scores the round 10-9 Alves.

Round 3 – Right hand from Kampmann and Alves blocks a head kick. Big leg kick from Alves. Another one. Alves with a right hook, shoots, stuffed. Kampmann with an over under pushes Alves to the cage. Alves backs out. Kampmann puts on the pressure with punch combos, backs him to the cage, grabs a leg. Alves with some short shots. Alves backs out. Right hook from Alves blocked. Big leg kick from Alves. Kampmann backs him to the cage, lands a knee to the chin. Big leg kick from Alves. Body kick from Kampmann, eats a counter left. Left, right uppercut from Kampmann. Left jab from Alves, then a right. Kampmann shoots stuffed, Alves with a body lock, tries to trip. Leg kick from Alves. 1:30 left. Inside leg kick from Alves. Nice straight left hurts Kampmann. Alves goes for the takedown but Kampmann locks on a guillotine and lands in the mount and Alves taps out with under a minute to go. Alves was on his way to winning this fight. He had Kampmann hurt, but went to put him down and got caught. Amazing comeback submission for Kampmann. And yes, I picked Kampmann to win (see our staff picks).

OFFICIAL RESULT: Martin Kampmann def. Thiago Alves by submission (guillotine choke) Rd 3 (4:12)

Great night of action guys. Join us tomorrow night for the Strikeforce: Tate vs. Rousey play-by-play. See our exclusive photos from today’s weigh-ins.

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