The Project Files: Back from Vegas

“Back from Vegas…” 

By: Jeremy Luchau

Sorry I missed a week of blogging, but my wild and wacky journey through the mixed martial arts world took me to Las Vegas last week for Superior Cage Combat 4 and lots of business meetings throughout the three day trip, which saw me miss Valentine’s day with my wife.

Lauren seemed pretty understanding about the situation, but at the end of the day I know it bothered her, but that’s the sacrifice with this job.

As many of you know who’ve frequented my blogs in the past, I attend several shows where I “rob and steal” all their good ideas and use them myself. I don’t pretend to know everything; I’m really just a thief.

I must say Superior Cage Combat was one of the more glamorous shows that I’ve been to. It had all the production you can ask for and great fights. I was able to see some good friends pick up some wins and another ended up on the wrong end of a decision.

It was great to experience another solid regional promotion that is doing great things without the backing of a major TV deal.

While the timing of the show might have been a bit difficult to let me fully enjoy it, as I was tending to amateur fight card changes, sponsorship issues, etc. while on my work vacation.

I made some valuable connections while in Las Vegas and picked up some great tools to help me continue to grow in this sport.

Anyone that’s anyone in this business knows that it’s about networking.

Speaking of networking, I’m excited to be part of the third addition of the Fight Summit, which is being held at the Rio in Las Vegas on November 3rd and 4th. I want to thank Mike Hauben for giving me the opportunity to speak along such industry greats like Mike Dolce, Ed Soares, Gary Ibarra, etc.

As of now the pro portion of Tachi Palace Fights on March 9 has done everything it needs to do. All their paperwork is in on time, medicals are being done and tickets are being sold.

I can’t remember a show where we’ve had this much demand for tickets. We only have a limited amount of $80 seats available on All of the lower end tickets have sold out already with the exception of the tickets that fighters are selling.

I’m excited for the challenge of doing something different, having to adapt the way we are doing things and incorporating the amateur fighters.

I’m trying to learn all I can about the CAMO commission, which regulates amateur MMA in California.

There will be some hiccups, but hopefully I can minimize the mistakes and get through this show and learn and get on to our next event on May 4 with a more extensive knowledge.

There’s quite a buzz building for this show. Casey Olson returning to the cage is huge for the local MMA scene and we have had a big media push with many of the other fights on the card like Georgi Karakhanyan vs. Micah Miller – a fight that I think could be on a UFC card.

Next week fighters finish up their medicals and make sure their tickets and ticket money is turned in.

Following week it’s time to make weight and fight.

Hopefully things go as smoothly as I just typed them.

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