Watch the best Nick Diaz interview you’ve ever seen

Nick Diaz can spot a bullsh**ter a mile a way, and if you’re a reporter who is not genuine or you have an agenda, you’re probably not going to get much. But if your name is “Showdown” Joe Ferraro and you sat down with Nick Diaz on the set of UFC Central just a couple days prior to his interim welterweight title fight with Carlos Condit at UFC 143, then you made a real connection with the Stockton brawler and what you get my friends is a piece of MMA history… From his beginnings with Cesar and Ralph Gracie to his visualization techniques prior to fights, his mindset leading up to fights, his approach to boxing and so much more, you will see sides of Nick Diaz you have never seen or probably even knew existed in this half-hour introspection.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3