Journey through Thailand video blog – part 3

By: Jacob Klensin

In the third installation of my video blog series for Pro MMA Now (, I decided to take a moment during my travels between Buriram and Phuket. I decided that the shaky camera and bad audio, the result of shooting while on the train, in the midst of a thirty hour trip, was excusable in my effort to bring viewers closer to my experience here.

In this video I reflect on one of the more memorable interactions that I had with one of the young fighters up in Buriram. I tell the story not to air his personal feelings, but because as simple as it was, it had a huge effect on my understanding of what these kids go through.

Although I suppose sharing the personal feelings of fighters is essentially what this project is all about, showing them, and not the fights. I tell this story out of the highest level of respect for him and all the other fighters there. I respect them not just as fighters, but as some of the strongest people I’ve met. I respect them for their skill in Muay Thai, and for their resilience, their heart and their spirit in all elements of their lives. I only hope that I have the opportunity to spend more time with them to better tell their stories.

I am now at Tiger Muay Thai in Phuket which I expect to be a hugely different experience, but undoubtedly valuable and exciting for this project. Thank you so much for watching, I hope you enjoy it, thanks to Pro MMA Now ( for bringing it to you, I will have more soon.

Be sure to go back and check out part 1 and part 2 and stay tuned for part 4 coming up later this week. Also, check out for Jacob’s writings and photos from Thailand.

Documentary photographer Jacob Klensin (@JacobKlensin) is in Thailand for a month immersing himself in Muay Thai culture while traveling the country and training at some of the most respected and renowned gyms. Jacob is sharing his experience with ( readers exclusively in his “Journey through Thailand” video blog series.

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