Documentary photographer Jacob Klensin continues his "Journey through Thailand" in part 2 of this exclusive video blog series. Check out Jacob's photos and writings about his time in Thailand at

By: Jacob Klensin

As I spend more time here, and dive further into my project’s topic, I expect to find it more and more difficult to quickly and easily articulate all of the remarkable things that I’m seeing, learning and taking part in.

I will of course do my best and only hope that I depict it all with as much accuracy, as well as respect, as possible. I am aware that my experiences are limited, and may not always be indicative of all Muay Thai throughout Thailand, and certainly the world, but I can only share the experiences that I do have as I explore further.

For some, much of the information, and observations will be nothing new or groundbreaking, but I hope that my perspective, as well as my display of it may be. Furthermore I hope that it will expose a wider audience to the world of Muay Thai, and do so in a unique and exciting way.

In addition to these videos i will be posting photos and writings on my own site ( throughout the trip, hopefully displaying the details of what I am seeing further. Thank you so much for watching, thanks to Pro MMA Now, and please check back soon to see more of my travels.

Be sure to go back and check out part 1 and stay tuned for part 3 coming up later this week. Also, check out for Jacob’s writings and photos from Thailand.

Documentary photographer Jacob Klensin (@JacobKlensin) is in Thailand for a month immersing himself in Muay Thai culture while traveling the country and training at some of the most respected and renowned gyms. Jacob is sharing his experience with ( readers exclusively in his “Journey through Thailand” video blog series.

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