The Underdog Blog – by Casey Olson: Return of The Underdog

WEC and Strikeforce veteran Casey “The Underdog” Olson (13-3) returns to action at Tachi Palace Fights 12 on March 9 after a nearly two year hiatus. Olson, a former Fresno State wrestler and product of John Hackleman’s The Pit, will be dropping to bantamweight to face Visalia’s Cody Gibson (5-2), who is coming off a 135 pound Tachi Palace title fight loss to Ulysses Gomez back in December.

Along with Tachi Palace Fights Entertainment Coordinator Jeremy Luchau’s “The Project Files“, Olson will also be writing a weekly blog here at ( leading up to his fight with Gibson at TPF 12. In his introductory blog below, Olson, though brief, addresses his reasons for taking time off from fighting and why now was the right time to make his return. 

By: Casey “The Underdog” Olson

After the passing of my father, Andy Olson in Nov. 2008, I found it difficult to stay motivated with my everyday actions.

After taking a few months off grieving, I tried to continue my fighting career. Going 1-1, I realized my heart and mind were in a different place.

Throughout my life, I spent so much time trying to lead by example, speaking to kids about education and fulfilling their dreams. It was at this time I realized I wasn’t being the example that I talked about.

Reflecting back on my speeches to our youth, and the promises made to my father and family, I had to complete my college degree. In June of 2010, I was asked to be the co-head wrestling coach at Clovis North Education Center.

Through this opportunity I was able to fulfill my unfinished promises and completed my internship to earn my B.S. in Recreation Administration.

My father was a great coach. He always said a great coach leads by example. After my first year coaching at Clovis North, I again found myself incomplete. I had fulfilled my promise, I was helping the youth, but something was missing.

I have always had a passion for helping people overcome obstacles. Knowing that I hadn’t fulfilled my goals in fighting, again, I realized I wasn’t leading by example.

I knew it was time to show my boys what I had been preaching to them the past year and a half, it was time to fight.

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