Journey through Thailand video blog – part 1

Documentary photographer Jacob Klensin is currently in Thailand where he will spend the next month visiting and training at some of the country’s most respected and renowned  Muay Thai gyms . It is there where he will meet the fighters, the coaches and immerse himself in the Muay Thai culture. This expedition is part of Jacob’s on-going passion project entitled “Figure of Fighting” which explores the multifaceted sport of MMA from the inside out.

When ( learned of Jacob’s plans to go to Thailand to shoot for Figure of Fighting, we asked if he might like to also document the trip and talk about his experiences in a video blog. Thankfully he agreed.

In Jacob’s introduction vlog below he has arrived in Thailand and his first stop is at the Fairtex gym in Bangplee. He talks about the Figure of Fighting project and his plans while in Thailand. Jacob has been all over the U.S. shooting at many of the top gyms, but this is his first trip for the project that has taken him outside the country. Learn more about Jacob Klensin and the Figure of Fighting project at

It is there you will see Jacob’s work and read about his travels and experiences while visually documenting this sport that has captivated the heart and imagination of people from all walks of life and from all parts of the world. Follow Jacob on Twitter at @Jacobklensin.

Stay close to for Part 2 of Jacob’s Journey through Thailand. Please let us and Jacob know what you think about this special project by leaving a comment below.

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  1. Everything has been done one way or another but everyone has their unique voice especially Jacob Klensin. Nice plug tho.

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