It took Ed Herman a round to get on track, but when he did, he wasted little time putting Clifford Starks away, winning by rear-naked-choke at 1:43 of the second round.

Starks showed marked improvement on his feet to start the fight, landing several big right hands during exchanges with Herman. Herman fired back with a flurry of uppercuts during the exchanges, but the right hands of Starks continued to find their mark as the fighters clinched and worked for position against the cage.

Herman managed to get a takedown and deliver some punishment with short elbows and left hands from the top, but soon found himself on his back after being swept by Starks as time wound down on the first round.

The right hands continued to score to start the second for Starks, but Herman changed his fortunes with a trip takedown against the cage. Once on the mat, Herman moved to mount, and then secured the back of Starks as he tried to roll out of trouble. Herman then locked up the rear-naked-choke that elicited the tap from Starks within a few seconds.

The win improves Herman to 20-8 (7-5 UFC), and marks the first loss in the career of Clifford Starks (8-1 MMA, 1-1 UFC).

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